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Social Media for Chefs – Recipe for Perfect Profiles

Social Media For Chefs

Team echoVME had an opportunity to host the Social Media Marketing campaign for India’s biggest culinary event – #IFCA2015 and I personally got 10 minutes to speak on dias to teach the best chefs of the country on how best can they leverage Social Media for their personal branding.

My 10 minutes session was broken into three segments:

  1. Why Social Media is Important for Chefs? 
  2. Which are the important social media platforms for Chefs
  3. Recipe for making successful LinkedIn and Twitter profile. 

Like how DJs are showcased to drive a party, Chefs needs to be showcased too, to drive footfalls to restaurants or hotels. Chefs are always the hidden side of a restaurant or hotel – we never know who has made that lavish buffet possible! We never want to enquire about them and it doesn’t matter who cooks the food. I believe, Chefs who are popular because of their shows on TV are more likely to encourage people to walk-in – but they are handful. Chefs has that knowledge which many of the foodies don’t – we probably know how to eat the food cooked – Chefs in the online world can make a big difference to their identity and that identity is essential to sell their skills and to drive people online. They deserve respect and Social Media can drive it!

Chefs need to pick a niche that they want to become expert at and they must establish presence on YouTube and blog to create content. Most of the chefs are active Facebook user but whatever is posted on Facebook remains with friends and family. Blogging on the right topics can drive amazing traffic and help boost a chef’s identity. In my session i also cover ingredients and recipe of making perfect Twitter and LinkedIn profile. Check the presentation below for more details: 

echoVME was International Federation of Culinary Association’s official social media marketing partners for #IFCA2015. With a very minimal budget we have grown the community of chefs from 2,400 to 8,500 using Facebook advertisements. The online marketing efforts through means of social media had received more than 200+ registrations. echoVME had also organised a blogging contest for IFCA India and 2 bloggers were shortlisted to attend the 3 days fiesta. The food bloggers selected were Amit Patnaik and Sankara Narayanan.

10 WOWsome Social Media Marketing Tips for Travel Marketing Companies

social media, travel marketing tips

Every time I Travel, I talk about my experience online! I let world know, how many amazing things are available around for one to explore and that generates a lot awareness, lot of perceptions and in a way indirect marketing for the brands I mention online! As per a research done by FunSherpa about 87% of travelers used the Internet for a bulk of their trip planning, whether it was to research an upcoming vacation, read online reviews or source initial ideas about where to travel – That shows how important it is for marketers to consider Social Platforms for marketing their travel deals.

Social Media Week Team, Bangalore invited me for a session on Travel Marketing organised in association with Lonely Planet – the one who makes the best travel guides. This session was completely interactive and I had shared 10 most important tips that every Travel Marketing Company should consider (They can be in domain of travel planners, holiday planners, hotels, restaurants and ticket booking sites like Yatra, MakeMyTrip, ClearTrip etc.)

 Tip 1: Classify Your Audience As Much As You Can:

travel marketing, travel digital marketing,

Instead of thinking of choosing Social Media channels and building communities you need to decide which category your customer falls in. Some of the most popular categories are:

  • Lonely Traveller
  • Honeymoon Traveller
  • Religious Traveller
  • Backpackers
  • Family Holidays
  • Luxury Freak
  • Exotic Destinations
  • Wildlife Traveller
  • Short Escapes
  • Cultural Freaks
  • Foodies
  • Photo Tours
  • Eco Tourism
  • Adventure Tours
  • Medical Tourism
  • Business Traveller

Ensure that you pick your niche even before thinking of your content marketing plan. Many Travel Marketing brands are creating their presence on Social Media channels and randomly posting content without any plan and without strategizing a niche based content plan.

 Tip 2: Have Something For Everyone!

Travel Digital Marketing Tips

If your brand serves all the above categories then you need to address your content marketing plan in any of the two initiatives:

  • Have Something for Everyone in A Larger Community: – Create content and theme based activities that reaches out to the desired target audience. Create content and offers for all the categories.
  • Build Smaller & Niche Communities: – Create small communities for each niche segment. Especially for religious travellers, backpackers, lonely travellers, adventure travellers etc.

Tip 3: Place Content @ The Right Place:



While most of you decide to boost post whenever you make a post on Facebook –you know that your community might not be a niche community and your content is reaching to the random audience. It is necessary to post content and make it reach to the relevant audience by using Facebook Advertisement dashboard. For example as per Facebook Advertising dashboard* here are some of the categories with population, I have added some segments that can reach out to them:

  • There are about 3,00,000 people in India celebrating anniversary in next 30 days. –Short escapes, surprise holidays, honeymoon again holidays, exotic destinations.
  • There are about 9,60,000 people in India who are interested in Lonely Planet – Backpackers, lonely travellers, cultural freaks, generic travel segment.
  • 8,80,000 people who are engaged in India – short escapes, honeymoon packages, exotic travel,
  • 2,20,000 parents have kids in age group 0-3 years – short escapes, family holidays.
  • 3,20,000 parents have kids in age group 10-15 years – family holidays.
  • 2,40,000 people in age group 25-60 are interested in Sai Baba of Shirdi – Religious vacations, short trips, medical tourism
  • 5,00,000 people are interested in Travel + Leisure – Luxury travel, exotic destinations.
  • 40,000 people are intended travellers to Australia, Canada, USA, Thailand, Spain, Italy and more – Country specific deals.
  • 1,10,00 people are business travellers as per behavioural analysis on Facebook ads dashboard – Business travel tips, business travel escapes, business travel schemes.

(*As of 25th Feb 2015)

 Tip 4: Third Party Reference Matters Most – Encourage Them:


People believe in peer reviews when it comes to Travelling. They love to hear social stories. Even when sites like Tripadvisor, Agoda, Zomato, Trippy, Oyster, Virtual Tourist don’t pay to write, people still prefer writing on them and share their experiences. Ratings here matters, being on top list matters. Encourage your tourists / customers to share their experience on travel / hotel / restaurant review sites. Give them an incentive or create enough noise that you would love to hear their reviews on these sites.

Tip 5: Encourage Them to Contribute Content for You:

social media tips for travel marketing

While writing content on review based sites is going to help you achieve credibility through third party websites, you need to build content for your website too. Integrate a corporate blog and encourage your customers to write their travel experiences on your blog. Let your Travel blog be completely crowd-sourced. You can offer them an incentive for helping you build content or run a contest with some fantastic giveaways that excites them to participate. Ensure that you have clear terms & conditions for contribution or participation. This process will help you build original content and assist your search engine optimization process. However, you can also ask them post this on their blog instead of yours in case they don’t wish to contribute.

 Tip 6: Community Vs. Content Marketing:

digital marketing tips for travel marketing

 Don’t just invest in developing your social media communities also invest equivalently in content marketing by using platforms like Blogs, YouTube and Slideshare. Your blog should be the trampoline for all your social media activities. Invest in list based blog posts, titles that carry number.

 Tip 7: Social Media Influencers and Travel Bloggers are Your PR Partners:

social media influencers

In India there are many bloggers who loves to write about their Travel experiences. Many of them have quit their full time job and explore world to share their experiences with the world again through their blog. They have picked up a niche, the niche that is relevant to your industry and what they say on their blog matters to their set of followers who probably are your target audience. You might want to invite these bloggers to experience your brand / product related to travel and talk about you on their blog. They are your real brand ambassadors in the social media world go invite them or hire them and get a strategy of communication rolling through them. Here is a list of 25 Top Travel Bloggers of India who you would like to interact with.

 There are many frequent travellers and business bloggers who love to share their travel experiences online. Their travel experiences matter to most of their like minded individuals – they are your best bet for niche based PR through them. For example popular business travellers Mahesh Murthy, CEO @ Pinstorm, Kiruba Shankar, CEO @ Business Blogging, Vivek Bhargava, CEO @ IProspectCommuncate2 often share their travel experiences online.

 Tip 8: Listening Is Important:

Social Media Listening

 You cannot ignore listening at all even if it is a tedious task! Social Media is a common ground where everyone discusses everything possible! Travel is the commonest of all conversations online. Be it ticket booking at IRCTC or on people tend to share their experience. Be it the chillness in Kashmir or the breeziness at Kanyakumari people do disclose their point of view online – in general. Marketers have an opportunity to listen to them and join in their conversations!

 At echoVME – India’ leading digital marketing company we do four types of listening for brands – Brand based, opportunity based, need based and subject based.

A Listening manual is very important for a startup Travel Marketing brand.

 Tip 9: Pinterest is Google Friendly, Instagram is User Friendly –

social media listening

A best travel marketer invests heavily in clicking amazing photographs and these photographs have a greater scope on Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest allows brands to create boards, these boards can be very location specific. Pinterest boards have maximum chances of getting visibility on Google search results when the right kind of keywords are incorporated in the boards on the basis of search volume analysis. For example: ‘Things to do in Chennai’ would be the right board for a marketer promoting Chennai tourism.

If an Instagram profile is kept public and appropriate hashtags are used, your amazing clicks can reach to the maximum audience! Ensure there is a proper research done on most working hashtags and the images posted are at appropriate timings when your target segment is active. Ensure that you activate listening on Instagram too and use the keywords manual here as well to strike conversations with travellers or intended travellers.

 Tip 10: Build Databases, Do SEO and SEM for Re-Targeting:

Social Media Analytics

Facebook advertisements allow you to build custom audiences. Custom audiences can be built through – Databases (Upload of excel sheet with phone numbers of email ids of your desired target audience) or through Web re-marketing pixel code (this allows you to place a code on your website which captures the number of visitors and throws it open on Facebook or Google Adwords as an audience to you).

  • SEO and SEM investment is essential, as it will build traffic to the site that will help you capture the audience for Re-Marketing.
  • Start collecting email addresses of your target audience, as that’s the best your time and efforts can buy in this era for smart re-marketing. For example: you host a stall a travel exhibition and you have about 5000 foot falls – you can collect their email address and run a Facebook or Google ads advertisement on all their timeline or network respectively – thanking them for visiting your stall – This would surprise them!

You can view the presentation on slideshare here:

Feedback From Participants: 

12 Social Media and Digital Marketing Investment Tips / Prediction for 2015


I was just evaluating my Social Media Marketing predictions made for year 2014 and I am very glad almost all the predictions came true except Google+ holding the same place as it was! With a lot of social media platforms to choose from, you pretty much have to know where you are going before you embark on your journey to get your social media game right.

So, where are we heading towards in 2015? While we get our hands on various national and global brands, these predictions are an accumulative personal perspective of what we have experienced at echoVME – Digital Marketing Training and Services Company.

1. Pay to Survive on Facebook:

As the headline suggests, Facebook is not free anymore! To reach every individual who will make sense you will have to pay. Concentrate on images with 20% text rule! Post less, but post good and allocate a budget per post (precisely a very targeted reach). If you are still investing in a Like Campaign – ensure they are mainly re-targeted or you build a custom audience for the same (build more relevant community than bringing random likes to your pages). Create a content quotient; what is that one thing that will bring people to your page? As the saying goes, it is always first in the mind and then in the market. That ‘one thing’ to change ones perception about a product or a service really does matter.

2. Mobile Advertisements & Responsiveness will Evolve:

As per a report by eMarketer, globally there would be 34% significant increase in Mobile advertising budget. Marketing effects will take place over time. Marketers who are responsive will succeed. So start investing big time in creating websites and digital properties that get accustomed to array of digital devices! Mobile commerce will be the need, especially for products that do not need a larger display to confirm!

Invest in:

• Mobile Targeting: Targeting your posts, offers, advertisements for mobile Facebook users will be smart choice provided you ensure that the landing pages are not so heavy enough to conveniently open on a mobile network, if not opt for target only if the user is on WiFi.
• Mobile 3rd Party App Targeting: If not for Facebook, people are on Google, 3rd party applications. Facebook now allows 3rd party apps to host its customer ads! Invest on the same (provided you pick up a very key niche)
• Cross Promotional Strategies: While you invest in Mobile targeting for Facebook ads, do the same for Google ads too! Mobile searches will surpass desktop search in 2015!

3. Email Marketing is Dead, Re-Targeting is the New Cool:

Other than key opt-ins, emails are passé. Building custom audience and targeting your website visitors is important. Investing in re-targeting strategies will help brands distribute content. Build a database of your customers – make it mandate and invest in re-targeting them through Facebook! Re-targeting works well while advertising on 3rd party apps too through Facebook Ads Network.

Re-targeting might get monotonous , unless the brands don’t invest in new form of ad creatives every alternative day. You might fail if you use the same old creatives for months.

4. Videos as Content and Facebook Video Ads will work:

With advancements, brands will increase their investment in Facebook Video Advertising. Videos perform better, if the ads are not very generic and has a pinch of social element, emotional quotient they are more likely to do well! TV Ads are mass targeted, social media video ads can be niche targeted and re-targeted – The best way to register your brand!

3 Crucial Factors to Consider Video Marketing / Facebook Video Ads:

• As per a report by comscore, Facebook surpassed YouTube in the number of video views via desktop whereas mobile wise YouTube is still leading the show.
• Facebook attracted a billion video views per day since July 2014!
• Facebook ads receives more shares when compared to YouTubes (as per a data by Social Bakers)
2015 is a year when Social Networking platforms will give more preferences to original videos and that might result in decline of YouTube overall views.

5. Blogging will get a Priority:

Best content is the best SEO! With time, brands will switch from less Facebook or LinkedIn posts to more blog posts. End of the day, driving traffic to website is what social media channels are also focusing on through their ads or content means. So, if your brands have hired SEO professionals or outsourced the same, remember a customized wordpress corporate blog will add a lot of value to your SEO strategies

Provided, you update it with awesome content regularly.

6. Influencer Relationship is a MUST:

If not Paid Media, influencer relationship will matter. Digital PR is the need of every traditional PR Company. Do you know, traditional PR firms pitch Digital PR to clients? They are in reference to blogger meetups, tweetups and more. Opinions formed on Digital World matter more these days, especially when influential ones talk about it. Influential ones can lead your brand to the key people, key journalists and key analysts!

Remember, Personal Brands are more impactful! Start planning gifting ideas to influencers. At echoVME, we have come u with tweetups, blogger meetups, social media meetups and gifting solutions to influencers – they have worked well and have been impactful in creating a strong relationship with them and through them.

7. LinkedIn Contacts (email sync) will Help for Lead Generation: will become mandate for Business Development Executives, especially in the b2b space! Growing LinkedIn network will only have LinkedIn Contacts and LinkedIn Advanced Search as solutions for better networking with existing contacts. Growing your LinkedIn network at first level will become important for better search at the 2nd and 3rd degree connections + to give better visibility to on-platform publishing. Marketers will consider re-publishing their blog posts on LinkedIn platform.

8. Investing in LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn sponsored posts and LinkedIn ad platforms will show advancements and will attract more B2B investments in 2015. LinkedIn communities will bring changes to its UI for better visibility of images and posts.

9. Google+ will stay Confused:

After the Google+ Authorship was removed, Google+ for brands will become another content dumping platform. However, Google+ results or page visibility in localised search results will add more value to local brands.

10. SlideShare will Become a Must for B2B Marketers:

A great SlideShare profile can help showcase your expertise and build thought leadership. After LinkedIn owns Slideshare, it has become all the more important for B2B Marketers to explore the potential of this medium. Building a visual brand is crucial and Slideshare is a hot spot of 2015! An upgraded version of Slideshare can add all the more value.

11. Twitter Ads Budget will increase:

Twitter is lately innovating the advertisement opportunities! Brands will start considering investing in the Twitter cards for lead generation, for events or more.

12. Hashtag Communities on Instagram:

Instagram has gone so mainstream that it is more than just a place to share photos. For fashion and fancy brands, Instagram can make a huge difference more than Twitter especially in country like India where a lot of people use Instagram actively, than Twitter. Start listening to hashtags and start creating campaigns pertaining to innovative hashtags. Cross promote the contest on other Social Media Channels.

These are some crucial trends to follow for 2015! While there are many other necessary trends but not as crucial as above!

25 Best Indian Digital Marketing and Social Media Training Institutes of 2014


Social Media and Digital Marketing Training, Courses, Institutes India

Over a decade, Social Media has turned out to be a mainstream channel for most businesses. More and more people are using this medium to learn, share, connect, and buy/sell. People are now embracing the change and started to explore this new and exciting mode of communication with customers. But many companies end up making social media blunders  by lacking knowledge. Because making an investment is just not enough without proper guidance when it comes to digital marketing Industry. If you are struggling hard to create a buzz or brand for your online business then it’s time to take up a Social Media Training Course. social media blunders by lacking knowledge. Because making an investment is just not enough without proper guidance when it comes to digital marketing Industry. If you are struggling hard to create a buzz or brand for your online business then it’s time to take up a Social Media Training Course.

Gaining popularity on web requires active participation. Be it online reputation management, PR, simply interaction, Managing social CRM, or building community, every bit can be learned from a great social media training course. Most important thing you will learn over online Social media training institute will be to create and implement an effective strategy for your next reputation management, PR, simply interaction, Managing social CRM, or building community, every bit can be learned from a great social media training course. Most important thing you will learn over online Social media training institute will be to create and implement an effective strategy for your next idea.

In this ever changing or we call it ever growing social media industry; many have come up with social media programs, trainings and courses that can help companies. However, picking one could be a difficult, so here is the list of Best 25 Digital Marketing and Social Media Training Institutes in India, which will simplify your task. Some of the centers are well established, some are growing and some have newly entered but looks promising.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Training Institutes in Chennai

1. echoVME  – echoVME, a pioneer digital media marketing organization offers world class social media services & customized digital marketing training programmes for corporates, students, faculties, marketing managers, CEOs, healthcare industry etc. They firmly believe in converting every challenge into an opportunity. The core objective of their training programme is to provide an overall process mix wherein they help the attendees acquire prowess over digital media and assist them by creating a brand identity & also provide expert advice to leverage their standards in social media. Echovme has conducted around 100+ workshops, trained 2000+ professionals & 200+ Brands across India and Sri Lanka. Their current clients (for services) are Bosch, Apollo White Dental, Amrutanjan, Ramco Systems, Infinitheism,, Kay Fashions, AMET Cruises, Jeff & Kane, Oliva Clinic,  and many more. EchoVME has been acknowledged by Global Youth Marketing Forum as the “Best Social Media Agency”.

EchoVME offers various certificate courses and workshops covering Digital Marketing Training, Social Media Marketing Program, SEO, PPC, Google Adwords and more. Echovme is a regular corporate trainer of 2020MSL, Hanmer MSL,Algoritz, Times Internet Ltd. and more. They have also hosted workshops for Business schools such Vellore Institute of Technology, LIBA, IIM Kozhikode, Raisoni Group of Institutions, Leeds Metropolitan University, Jagran Institute of Communication, Manipal University and more in format of guest lectures, 2 days course, 1 week digital marketing programs and curriculum for MBA programs.

2. Digital Marketing Courses  – Digital Marketing Courses is a pioneering training institute offering an extensive range of online marketing courses for all level graduates and business professionals by keeping internet as a marketing channel to ensure virtual approach for a bright career growth. DMC offer affordable training programmes in online marketing which provides a knowledge-sharing platform for fresher’s and marketing professionals that increases the valuable efforts towards the success of their organization. They also provide placement facilities on successful completion of the training.

Digital marketing courses offer various courses covering Digital Marketing Training, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing Training and more.

3. infiniX –  It is India’s leading Web development, Digital Marketing and training company focused on creating a professional online image that captures the essence of your business. By now they has conducted more than 100 training sections with over 2000 attendees. You will get to learn digital marketing goals, classifications, plans and more about understanding the subject. Wither you are a business owner, college student, want to work from home, do part time or go for career change, infiniX course can help you with their digital marketing training.

infiniX offers various courses including Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, SMM, Video Marketing, ORM, and Web analytics.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Training Institutes in Mumbai

4. Thedmti  – DMTI (Digital Marketing Training Institute), a consortium of senior advertising professionals, was founded in 2011 with commitment to the cause of providing a talented resource pool to the Digital Media community. It is an endeavor to create digital marketers, by digital marketers, for the digital market. DMTI offers comprehensive programs that cover all aspects of Digital Marketing. The best names from the industry have been handpicked to develop & teach the programs. A cutting-edge curriculum set up by the industry and the commitment of passionate professionals from Digital Industry to teach these programs is what sets DMTI apart from the rest of the Digital Training community.

Thedmti offers various courses covering advance program in digital media marketing, social media marketing, SEO, Email marketing and more.

5. Pearl Live – Pearl Live, the online education initiative of Pearl Academy, offers professional certificate programs which will create value for working professionals and entrepreneurs in the creative industries. The courses have been developed with a focus on industry trends and relevance to the learner. The Professional Certificate Program in Social Media Marketing is a 6- month online course designed to prepare professionals for the ever growing social media and digital marketing industry. Career opportunities in this sector are abundant with large MNCs and agencies as well as growing start-ups looking to hire aggressively.

Pearl live offers various courses covering design management, digital commerce, SMM, digital design and communication and more.

6. Digital Success  – Digital Success provide the necessary training so that you can rank your site well in major search engines like Google as well as gain visibility in social media sites. They offer training programs where you can learn how to achieve top rankings using ethical, yet proven technology. After getting trained in digital marketing, you can optimize your website, and learn how to get traffic that converts. You will also learn how to design your site properly, so it will convert much of this traffic to sales. The benefits of new customer acquisitions, high level of ROI, increased sales, broadened market share far outweigh the relatively inexpensive costs associated with the cost of our Digital Marketing courses. Digital Success provides an experience which is Educational, Challenging and Exciting.

Digital Success offers various course including SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Web Copywriting, Content Marketing and Affiliate Marketing.

7. IAMAI  – To cater to the ever-growing demand of talented resource in the digital world, IAMAI has taken the initiative to provide exhaustive training in order to equip professionals with technical know-how in the form of digital courses. IAMAI has been actively involved in training individuals on different courses to inform and educate them on various issues ranging from internet security to digital marketing. These courses have found favour with many who feel that such short-term programmes go a long way in enabling and sharpening skills of those trained. IAMAI has also opened internet training centres that provide training on basics of Internet.

IAMAI offers various courses covering E-commerce essentials, Mobile Marketing, SEM, digital marketing and more

Digital Marketing and Social Media Training Institutes in Bangalore

8. IIMC – IIMC – Institute of Internet & Mobile Computing is one of the leading knowledge and R & D centre for Internet and mobile computing technologies. It’s an ever growing market and which eventually generates more that 10 million jobs world over & at IIMC you are trained from the industry experts to harness the best out of the digital media revolution for your career.

IIMC offers various courses including SEO, SMO, digital marketing and more.

9. IMRI  – IMRI is the World’s First and only experiential learning center that provides private, one-on-one digital media & analytics training program customized specifically for you. IMRI course teaches the complexities of Social Media Marketing in an interactive and practical approach with hands-on job experience. In order to help you adapt to a career in the field of Online Marketing, and ensure you make the most of all the resources provided, IMRI® ensures you are guided throughout your course with all the personalized attention.

IMRI offers various courses including online marketing, web & graphics design, web technology, analytics and measurements.

10. Web Marketing Academy – Web Marketing Academy courses help you develop the core competencies to build and execute on successful digital marketing strategies. Since 2002, their founder & instructors have helped some of the world’s leading companies maximize profitability through online marketing management. You can develop comprehensive online/digital/inbound/web marketing plan. Also define and execute digital/online/web marketing strategies to reach potential customer using the latest digital/new media/web marketing strategies to your organization, businesses.

Web marketing academy offers various courses covering digital marketing, Google Adwords, PPC, Google Analytics and more

11. Digital Love– Digital love, a leading digital marketing service and Digital Marketing Training company is designed to offer practitioners with a broad knowledge and thorough understanding of digital marketing technologies. It is specifically designed for all those students who want to make a career in internet marketing industry, shall be actively involved in the operational aspects of planning and managing Online & digital or multi-channel marketing campaigns. It will also benefit Sales/ marketing executives who have some level of responsibility for lead generation, online & digital marketing, or who wish to make more effective use of digital marketing techniques within their overall marketing mix.

Digital love offers various courses including SEM training, SEO training and Social media.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Training Institutes in New Delhi

12. Digital Vidya  – Digital Vidya is Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training company and the first to launch Social Media Marketing Workshop Series in India. Since 2009, over 5000 professionals (including CXOs) from over 2000 brands such as Nokia, Google, eBay, Reliance, Star TV, Cisco, MakeMyTrip, Naukri, SAP, Citibank, Toyota, Intel, ITC, CNBC, Madison and CII have participated in more than 200 Digital Marketing trainings by Digital Vidya across Asia. They offer customized Social Media/Digital Marketing Workshops for corporations, who are interested in leveraging Digital Marketing to scale up their businesses.

Digital vidya offers various courses including SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Web analytics and more.

13. EduKart – is India’s largest platform for enrollment into distance degree and diploma programs and online education courses. They provide working professionals and students access to high quality long term (degree, diploma) and short term (certifications) programs so that they can easily learn relevant industry required skills and become a more valuable workforce. The Certificate Course in Digital Marketing helps you learn the practical aspects of using online marketing techniques. The course is certified by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).

EduKart offers various courses covering Digital Marketing, Google Search, Ads, and Analytics, SMM and more.

14. DSIM  – Delhi School of Internet Marketing is a trademark of “Kixx Media Pvt. Ltd.” as a leading Internet Marketing Training provider for Corporate, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Students. Delhi School of Internet Marketing provides full-fledged live classroom training for industry executives and entrepreneurs. They teach marketers how to reach right target market with lower acquisition cost in the best way possible. DSIM has trained more than 1064 professionals from various industries such as IT, Travel & Tourism, Advertising, Public Relations, Finance & Banking, Fashion and Retail.

DSIM offers various courses including Internet Marketing, SEO, SMM, and Inbound Marketing.

15. NIIT – NIIT offers learning and knowledge solutions across 38 countries. NIIT’s training solutions in IT, Management Education, Business Process Outsourcing, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Vocational Skills, and Communication & Professional Life Skills, have had an impact over 35 million learners. NIIT and DMI have partnered to redefine digital marketing education in India. Certificate in Digital Marketing is a programme designed by marketers for marketers and is the only course in India that carries international accreditation, which will make the certificate holder highly sought after by employers.

NIIT offers certificate course in Digital marketing and professional Diploma in digital marketing, mobile marketing, SMM, and search marketing.

16. Avagmah  – Avagmah is one of the fastest growing online education company in India offering industry relevant online continuing education degree and certificate programs for working professionals. Since 2010, they has shaped careers of over 3000 professionals by providing an array of prestigious yet affordable programs giving its students the professional edge in today’s competitive economy.

Avagmah courses covers the broad foundations of Digital Marketing Management and delves further into the specialist disciplines of SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Training Institutes in Hyderabad

17. Social samosa  – Socialsamosa have been conducting social media workshops covering all aspects of digital marketing. Since December 2011, Social Samosa has been helping people understand the complicated world of Social Media and how businesses can use it. A pioneer in the Indian social media industry, Social Samosa’s training workshop will equip you with all the skill sets you require to harness the potential of social media for your professional growth! Be it a student, brand manager, or a business owner, they have a course for all that can take you to ropes of social media platforms.

Social Samosa offers various workshop training including Facebook marketing workshops, Social Media 101 workshops, Twitter marketing workshops and more.

17. Digital Nest  – Digital Nest, an integrated digital marketing Training academy has been started to provide various real time job oriented Digital Marketing certification courses to the students and employers. They provide both class room training and online training. Every student who enters into the digital nest will be incubated by student friendly trainers who will ensure that you are job ready by the end of the course. Their courses are tailor made that matches the current industry requirements.

Digital Nest offers training and courses including SEO, SMM, SMO, Analytics, PPC and more

Digital Marketing and Social Media Training Institutes in Pune

19. School of Digital Marketing  – School Of Digital Marketing is an initiative by a team of experienced professionals from Digital Marketing Industry experts. The idea behind this institute is to bridge the gap between their existing education framework and the evolving business landscape. They make an effort to identify such gaps and offer best possible training modules so as to benefit the individual and the industry at large. With the growth and penetration of internet and mobile they believe the basic framework for businesses in future would be based on the convergence of internet and mobile platforms hence they launched their courses over Internet and mobile space.

School of digital marketing offers various courses including digital marketing, SEO, SEM, Double Click, and Email Marketing.

20. InnoServ – InnoServ Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ISPL) is established by a group of professionals with vast experience in varied business segments. ISPL shall offer solutions and services in diversified areas like Corporate Training, Digital Marketing and University Alliance. They are dedicated to help clients achieve their organizational goals. Presently they have a digital marketing branding training for colleges and institutions to who are seeking to reach maximum people and build strong relationship with their client.

InnoServ offers various courses including SMM, SEM, Online advertising and more.

21. Lipsindia – LIPS India is an initiative by a team of experienced professionals from IIT, IIM and Industry experts. The idea behind LIPS is to bridge the gap between their existing education framework and the evolving business landscape. Digital marketing course @ L.I.P.S is a classroom training program which covers all facets of web marketing. The advanced digital marketing course is jointly run by L.I.P.S and SEED in association to build excellence. This program empowers you to call yourself a digital marketing evangelist. You can work for any digital marketing agencies, internet marketing teams of business setups, start your own website and run business, work as a freelancer or be a part of the web marketing outsourcing industry. Trainees are also eligible for job interview opportunities from LIPS who attend the program.

Lipsindia offers various courses including SEO, Google Adwords, Display Marketing, Social media tools and more.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Training Institutes in Kolkata

22.  DigitalSoch – DigitalSoch, the education arm of TechShu, which isn’t a single event, a Facebook profile or website or new age marketing tools. It’s a mix of more than a dozen trends that are changing the businesses – from what they make, how they make to who buys from them, now everything is aligned in a way so that the businesses can tap on the power of digital marketing. Take a look at their digital marketing courses to get an idea on how you can align your Soch (thoughts) to new age marketing and engage your consumers in the right way. Their courses will be very different; it will be 50% theoretical and 50% practical (the ratio will change on the nature of courses) in most of the cases + follow up till you get a hang of it.

Digital Soch offers various courses including Digital Marketing Bootcamp, SEO, PPC, SMO, Email marketing, Google Analytics and more.

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23. Web Next Solutions  – Webnext Solutions excels in providing the complete suite of digital marketing solutions all across the globe that incorporates world class services & industry relevant courses in digital marketing and social media course. Webnext Solutions can even help you in starting from scratch i.e. right from registering a domain and hosting for your business to designing a full fledged website and finally do the complete digital marketing required for the success of your business.

Web Next Solutions offers various courses including SEM, SEO, Digital marketing, PPC, Internet Marketing and more.

24. Niitimperia –  The Indian Institute of Management is one of the six national level management institutes set up by the Government of India. The Institute’s aim is to help improve the management of corporate and non-corporate sectors and public systems, through pursuit of excellence in management education, research, consulting and training. NIIT Imperia Centre for Advanced Learning focuses on professional and educational needs of working professionals. It offers long-term Executive Management Programs (4 to 12 months), Management Development Programs (3 to 10 days) and Customized Programs for corporate organizations. They have tied-up with the best institutes and organizations to provide top-notch education.

Niitimperia courses include Profession diploma in Digital marketing and advance Online adverting program.

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25. Digital academy India  – Digital Academy is a leading digital marketing training and consulting initiative in India. In last 2 years they have trained more than 5,000 people across the country on courses which empower individuals for both personal and professional growth. Their courses take a holistic view of digital marketing, whilst really focusing on the more quantitative and data-driven aspects of contemporary marketing. You’ll be empowered to develop the advanced knowledge and skills required to implement, manage and evaluate digital marketing strategies. You will learn how to utilize web analytics in order to make data-driven decisions ranging from audience segmentation and targeting, to what content resonates best with users.

Digital academy India offers various courses including Certificate program in Digital Marketing, Google Web Analytics, Google AdWords and Analytics and more.


5 Awesome Things About #OperaCoastSurprise Experiential Marketing Campaign



Experiential Marketing has always been my favorite subject! When people experience your marketing gimmick by involving themselves there is nothing better than it! Like how decided to send customised Mugs to the top influencers of Twitter thanking them for their amazing contribution to the Twitter world in a similar way Opera Browser Team reached out to creative professionals in India who use iphones or ipads with a unique #OperaCoastSurprise to introduce them to Opera Coast Browser.

The team sent across a surprise package of kinetic sand (Easy-to-shape sand that molds into simple desktop designs) along with the personal note to each professional. Since creative people are well known to have cracked a big idea while wasting time instead of consciously working on it, the team thought Opera Coast would be a great app for them to help them waste time well.

5 things I absolutely loved about #OperaCoastSurprise Campaign are:

1. The idea was absolutely brilliant! Kinetic Sand made the creative professionals waste their time wisely and still feel happy about it! – Experiential Marketing Phenomenon!!

  1. It went along with a Personal Note! – That’s even more brilliant! Any personalized message has a larger impact. However, I feel they could have sent a bigger note than that small piece of paper.
  2. The hashtag was wisely introduced in the personal note requesting people to tweet about it or share it on Facebook / Instagram – Here are some of the interesting tweets coming for the popular creative Tweeters of India.

4. The communications specialist from Opera Browser – @Mrunmaiy on Twitter and Opera’s official Twitter handle (@OperaIndia) was available to respond to tweeters who were confused about what was sand sent for! – Giving it a even more personal and humane approach.

5. I personally loved the idea of capturing the experiential moments in a video and publishing it on YouTube – Makes the campaign completely experiential for users who didn’t receive the kinetic sand!

Good Job Opera Coast Team! I am impressed!