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Echovme is Awarded the Best Display Campaign of the year by VIT Business School & Think Media!


image On the internet, what makes you stop and stare at an image when you’re surrounded by a clutter of advertisements? Especially when the subject is hair loss treatment? What attracts the viewer the most? The colours? The text? Numbers? GIFs? And what attracts the advertisers the most are the results. Carefully considering these factors, the ads were created with all of the above mentioned elements. Creatives with human interaction depicting the situation at hand with the precise content in clear, simple language is a must. Jarring content or pictures lacking ambiguity does not quite go well with the campaign. Careful integration of ads in Facebook to audience who visited the website and retargeting the ads to the custom audience. With the ads we custom targeted our audience with Google Adwords, GIF animated ads were placed on content platforms frequented by the prospective audience. This played played a key role in helping us achieve business leads by 200%!

Echovme 1

Receiving the award!

We thank Think Media and VIT Business School for recognizing our efforts and awarding us the Best Display Campaign of the year and Raunaq Zaidi, the Brand Manager of Dr.Paul (the client) for being exceptional in supporting our creative ideas and guiding us throughout the campaign. Click below to view our client’s page: pauls

Social Media Day Celebrated in echoVme was Fun! #SMDayChennai


Social Media Day Chennai #SmDay #Smdaychennai

Social Media Day was first recognised and celebrated in 2010 by, a US news and blog site. The tradition has followed till 2014 for the 5th consecutive time, successfully propelling a global revolution that is currently being followed by countries around the world. India too is not far behind.

This year, 4 major Indian cities celebrated Social Media Day on 30th June; Chennai, Pune, Kochi, Vadodara. Kochi’s theme strives to aim for an empowered tomorrow through SM Day. Pune’s Joint Commissioner of Police who joined the celebrations spoke about the implications of Social Media by Pune Police. Vadodara continues its celebrations of The Social Conclave by discussing Social Media’s changing landscape in business, powerful video marketing strategies, etc.

In Chennai, Social Media Day started with an interesting turn of events. The rain blessed us all with a very generous downpour and helped us set in the mood. Conducted by Echovme Digital Marketing services, the day kick started with an Instagram like option – get clicked at our photo booth but choose a prop of your choice displayed alongside the booth. An assortment of sun glasses, hats and ties were displayed, free to choose. One by one the social media enthusiasts arrived, only to be scurried off to the photo booth!

Enthusiasts present were beginners, experts, students and social media aficionados who could not have asked for a better meeting. After the round of introductions, the fun began. As addiction yielded formidable results, the inevitable question on whether it’s for the good or for the bad was popped. There was uproar and the discussions started pouring in: social media will become a virtual disease in years to come, but hey, how many times has a blood requirement status was shared and saved someone’s life? Alright then what about cyber bullying, suicides, stalking and the like stemming from social media? Yes but ain’t it the individual’s responsibility to draw the line and think for one self? During the many power cuts Chennai faces, don’t we all peek into our neighbors’ to check if the power cut is not just our house? Likewise, social media is simply an updated version of peeking into each others’ lives. Don’t you all agree? And what about the many scams that circulate social media? The pretends and wannabees? But hey, aren’t they all haunting us in real life too? But for the shy and socially awkward, social media is the place to be. I can be myself. I have a very active following and have made quite a number of friends too! But…the discussion went on and on! The event was live tweeted with hashtags #SMDayChennai and #echovme.

The objective of Social Media Day is to educate and engage, too. Social Media Tambola (desi version of Bingo) served well the purpose. What is the profile picture size of Facebook? The first Instant Messaging tool? What’s the 2nd biggest and popular social networking site? Were some of the many questions posed to the audience to be checked off the Tambola box. Thus, some social media gyan were also induced in the minds of the audience. The winners were presented with a copy of my book, “Social Media for Business”

 But the fun part was yet to begin. Confession pages on Facebook can be passé but not on Social Media Day. The audience was asked to ‘fess up their confessions and their most embarrassing moments. It was no surprise that hacked statuses were one of them, accidental ‘Likes’, public bashing were a notable few.  Social Media for business soon took over the discussion with inputs and doubts.

A quick photo session and feedback was followed by dinner. The night of selfies, tweeting and brainstorming sessions ended with the ideal networking touch, by exchanging of social media identities with promises to connect and network.

Check more images about the event here: Social Media Day in Chennai pictures!

Take Part in Echovme’s Social Media Day Celebrations on 30th June in Chennai!


social media day #SmDay You would have been to lectures on social media. Meetings too, maybe? Social gatherings? And needless to say, the discussions with friends and the numerous debate on who’s updates were the best and the worst. (we’ve all been there) But have you ever convened at one place, with like minded individuals to talk about all of these, at the same time? We think not. Which is why, this Social Media Day is just for you! It goes without saying that without social media, we wouldn’t be here. So it’s only fitting that we dedicate this day, 30th June completely to all things social media. Come celebrate the phenomena that is social media with us, offline in the most fun way possible! There’s going to be social media enthusiasts, professionals, students and a great mix of individuals for you to interact with and get insights on this industry! And not to mention games, cheer and food! Date: 30th June Time: 7pm to 9pm Venue: Echovme – 70/74, Alagppa Road, Pursaiwalkam, Chennai – 84 (the venue can change depending on the number of registrations) Here’s the agenda:

  • 6:45-7:00pm: Registration
  • 7:00-7:20pm: 30 seconds of fame
  • 7:20-7:50pm: Speaker’s time
  • 7:50-8:30pm: Social Media Tambola
  • 8:30-9:00pm: Dinner

Registration Fee: Rs. 250/- (paid towards dinner and soft drinks) please register here: Please register for the event here:

Survey on Social Media for Doctors [Healthcare] by Echovme!

Social Media Doctor

Echovme – Digital Marketing Training & Services firm is conducting a Social Media survey on Doctors to understand their Social Media usage pattern! This survey will not take more than 10 minutes and will help us understand how doctors use Social Media. Please contribute to this survey if you are a doctor or please pass this survey to Doctors you are aware of!

Echovme is Looking for Digital Marketing Trainers in India – Join us on board!

Digital Marketing Trainer
I am glad to share, Echovme – Leading digital marketing training institute in India is now opening its horizon of trainers and mentors to offer Digital Marketing Education and expertise to the Global Audience. We’re currently looking for trainers who have acumen in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Digital Analytics, Media Buying, Affiliate Marketing and more…

We’re in process to form a Team of mentors and trainers who can join Echovme (part time or full time) and help Digital Media Industry Grow by offering the expertise gained over years of experience!

Echovme’s Profile:

Echovme a 4 year old strong brand have hosted hundreds of workshops in Social Media Marketing space and trained 2,000+ professionals across India and Sri Lanka. Check out more details here:

Please call 097911-34451 in case you have doubts! Please note, Team Echovme shall be checking your details and shall be scrutinising your profile further to take final decisions.

You can click on the form here in case you are not able to access it on my blog.