Building Your Career in Digital Marketing in India? This Guide is For You!

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Thinking of a career in digital marketing in India? You have come to the right place. This article will offer insight on how you can build your career in digital marketing and what the future of digital marketing looks like.

Digital Marketing is The Future and We Cannot Deny This Fact.

Look at These Mind-Blowing Stats:

India has about 450 million Internet users (as per IAMAI), which are almost 30 to 40% of the total Indian population. This number will reach its level best in 2017 with the easy and cost effective availability of networks in both urban and rural India.

Look at how JIO is penetrating the market while Airtel is bringing down costs. Observe how high-speed broadband like Act Fibre, Cherrinet are slowly taking over market shares. Do you remember the last time you focused on those newspapers advertisements or those TV advertisements without switching channels? Well, there is a radical shift in how people consume information. Today, people consume more content on mobile phones and laptops.

Don’t you hear your parents, grandparents talking about what has been shared on WhatsApp?

Today’s content is people driven. People trust your words than what has been shared in news channels or television.

India has about 180 million Facebook users as of 31st March 2017 and this number is an indication that almost 50% of the Internet-using population in India wants to network.

About 95 crore people use mobile phones today in India and is expected to reach 103.5 crores in June 2017. Gone are those days when people used their landline phones. Smartphones are omnipresent in today’s world!

There is a popular saying that goes– “Be there, where your customers are”

You must know that your customers today are on the Internet all the time, networking on social media 24×7 and leading a digital life.

The question is, Is your business a part of their digital life? Most importantly, Have you made yourself digital savvy?

We cannot compare traditional advertising’s reach to digital advertising at this point of time. Nevertheless, Digital Marketing is clean, clear and there is a lot you can achieve with a minimum budget.

The Growing Digital Marketing Career Opportunities: 

I believe in the Demand and Supply model. If there is a surplus demand there needs to be enough supply to create quality substance. However, the demand for Digital Marketers is huge and supply is less at this point in time. I am not stating this based on assumptions but by observing these numbers shown by popular channels like LinkedIn and Naukri.

digital marketing career in India

There are about 4,900+ job openings in Digital Marketing on LinkedIn.

digital marketing career india has about 13703 job openings with ‘Digital Marketing as a keyword’

Now, this is just the result of the word ‘Digital Marketing’.  I haven’t even checked the result for keywords like SEO Manager, Google Adwords Specialist, Content Writer, Social Media Executive etc. I am sure these numbers put together would be huge and this is indicative of a huge demand for a digital marketer.

But is There Enough Supply? 

Digital Marketing isn’t a part of India’s education system yet. It is usually offered by business schools in the form of a crash course, an optional subject, or a semester course.  However, there is no concrete specialisation that Indian universities have adapted. The last resort for many is enrolling in local digital marketing institutes or online digital marketing courses in order to become a digital marketer.

I have instinctively felt that there are very few Indians who have decided to focus on Digital Marketing as a career and the search behaviour on Google confirms my assumptions. Having been in the industry for 10 years and leading a Digital Marketing agency in Chennai, I experience a shortage of skilled candidates, frequently. Digital Marketers in India are majorly accidental – they are either SEO executives who have an engineering background or they are social media marketers who are making their social media addiction productive.

Marketing jobs digital in india

The Search Volume for Digital Marketing Career, Digital Marketing Jobs ranges between 50 to 5400 as per our analysis.

Most of the agencies in India have created Digital Marketers. They take people with required skills and they shape them up in a particular domain of Digital Marketing which could be inbound marketing, Search Engine Optimization (On-Page or Off-Page), Search Engine Marketing (Google, Bing Adwords specialist), Content Writing, Amplifier or Marketer, Overall Digital Advertiser (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads), Affiliate Marketer, Inbound Marketer, Social Media Specialist (Designing of campaigns on Social Media) or Client Servicing and Strategy.

There are quite a few Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India that offer such courses in India. Chennai alone has about 20+ Digital Marketing Training institutes that offer such courses in the offline space.

While training candidates in PR agencies and advertising agencies, I do see them taking a lot of effort to add Digital Marketing in their skill sets as they believe in climbing up the Digital Marketing ladder is an imperative to succeed.

Yes, you cannot deny that fact now! 

How Did I Start My Career in Digital Marketing? 

I share what I learn and teaching has helped me become a digital marketer.  I learn new skills, teach people and love seeing them grow in this domain. At the age of 17, when I was a student at Loyola College doing Biotechnology, I realised that microscopes and lab rats are not my thing. I didn’t want to discover what people had already discovered in their labs. I am more of a creative person and I started working as a part-time content writer in a digital marketing agency way back in 2005.  They, of course, didn’t have Indian clients as the country lacked digital awareness at that point in time. Few months in the job space, I decided I wanted to become a Digital Marketer.

I first worked part time as a student content writer, then turned that into a full-time job by learning the nuances of Digital Marketing. Later, I headed to Leeds University Business School to do my post graduation in International Marketing Management. There, I had met my professor of digital marketing Caterina Pressi who reassured my belief that Digital Marketing is the future. I came back to India as I really didn’t want to do a store keeper’s job at Marks and Spencers in England. This was the time when the recession had struck the global economy with its ominous force. I got into a marketing agency at a very low pay scale where I worked for some time. Later, I launched  where I practised all sorts of digital marketing techniques on my own. I went on to offering digital marketing training and services under the banner of echoVME – Digital marketing agency based out of Chennai where I worked with some really renowned brands in this journey of a self-made digital marketer.

Under the echoVME banner, I have worked with companies like Bosch India, Infinitheism,, ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes, Urban Tree Infrastructures, Ramco Systems, Amrutanjan, Oliva Clinic, Apollo White Dental Care, Lokaa Developer, Vijay Shanthi Builders, South Indian Shelters, Origin Learning and many more.

I have worked in different verticals and have focused on creative, organic, and paid success of brands.

In last 7 years of training journey, I have trained the teams of Times Internet, MSL India, Murugappa Group, Genpact, Communicate India, DDB Mudra, TE Connectivity, TiE Chennai, CII, Nasscom, Vikatan Group and more.

I am on a mission to teach Digital Marketing Course for free through video lessons and regular updates. If you would like to receive free lessons and latest updates on digital marketing do subscribe to the course below.

Register For Free Digital Marketing Course 

What does this course have in store for you?

This course will help you explore Digital Marketing.

  • If you are a student trying to explore career options – this course will help you to get your digital marketing basics stronger.
  • If you are a marketer struggling with the old traditional marketing practices, then this course will help you climb the ladder by enhancing your skill set.
  • If you are a businessman who wants to generate leads for business, this course will help you build your brand better.

In addition to sharing the secrets on how to generate leads on Facebook effectively, you will also get a free copy of my book ‘Social Media For Business’

Frequently Asked Questions: 

I am dedicating the rest of the blog to answer some frequently asked questions.  Do read them as they are sure will clarify a lot of your doubts:

  1. What is the pay package a digital marketer usually gets? 

Digital Marketing as a career option is growing at an exponential rate and this is the pay package for Digital Marketers in India.

  • Executive (0 to 1 year of experience) 1.5 to 3 Lakhs per annum.
  • Specialist (1 to 3 years of experience) 2. to 4 Lakhs per annum.
  • Team Leader (2 to 5 years of experience) 2.5 to 5 Lakhs per annum.
  • Digital Strategist (3 to 5 years of experience) 4 to 8 Lakhs per annum.
  • Digital Marketing Manager or Head (5 to 10 years of experience) 8 to 25 Lakhs per annum.
  • Digital Marketing Director (10 years of experience) 25 to 40 Lakhs per annum with stakes in the company

Digital and Social Media Marketing has revolutionised the world. It is your turn to be a part of this revolution through my Free course on Digital Marketing.

2. Which are some of the most important certifications that one needs to hold in Digital Marketing? 

First of all, Digital Marketing is not a certificate based subject. You need to prove your skills by experience. So you go to any university you want or get any certifications you want to. However, you must know that obtaining practical experience is the most important criterion that a recruiter has in their mind. There are many free Digital Marketing certifications available which are considered valid by the industry peers:

  1. Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and Email Marketing Certification by HubSpot.
  2. Google Adwords Certification.
  3. Google Analytics Certification.
  4. Bings Ads Certification. 

3. Which is the best Digital Marketing Training institute in India? Should I Join Digital Vidya or DSIM or Simplilearn or Anything else? 

I am a big fan of the above-listed institutes. Why? Because of 3 reasons: Market share, their ability to reach out to people of India and their digital ad spending capabilities.  Many get attracted to the above institutes because of the promises they make: 100% placement, Government Certified and they spend about 50,000 to 1 lakh rupees to complete their 3 or 6 months courses from the above institutes. I would always say its a great start for people who are lost and don’t know how to get started in Digital Marketing. You basically, get to learn everything theoretically and then practically if you put the effort.

I have a different theory! Here are few things that you can do:

  1. Take a Digital Course curriculum from some of the best Digital Marketing Institutes in India.
  2. Google every single syllabus. There are experts who teach subjects, you can follow their blogs and free courses.
  3. There are enough Free Digital Marketing Courses to get started with.
  4. Start your own blog, implement Google Analytics. The budget you are going to spend on a course you can rather use that money for advertising and driving people to your own blog.
  5. If you are not a good writer, you should practise writing. Not that writing is a mandate in Digital Marketing, but content is. If you can’t write, get the content developed by freelancers.
  6. Polish your Social Media profiles. Grow your network. Write Microblogs first and then move to macro blogs. Define your style.
  7. If you really wish to get started, you can join my Free Digital Marketing Course and strictly follow what I ask you to. You need to put your effort and  I have done my bit to educate you by recording video lessons for you.

4. Is content writing really important? I am not good at writing content. 

Okay! I don’t understand the point of this question. I have a question for you. Don’t you have to learn Accounts to become a Chartered Accountant? Don’t you have to learn coding to become a software engineer? Don’t you have to do your MBBS to become a Doctor? Content is the heart of Digital Marketing and you either have to excel in making content or sourcing the right content. There are jobs in Digital Marketing which doesn’t require too much of content skills. Example: Google Advertisements, Link Building, Google Analytics or Data Modelling, But, content is the core.

5. I am not strong at technology, I don’t know coding, how can I become a Digital Marketer? 

First of all, I am not an engineer either. I am not very strong in Mathematics but I am a Digital Marketer and I have learnt the basics of maintaining a WordPress blog, integration of right codes, plugins etc. Practice makes everyone perfect. You need to practice over and again to become a pro at this subject. I experiment, I take risks. When I work with some of the top brands, I implement those calculative risks. That is the million dollar experience I gain.

Start learning Digital Marketing and as you learn, start implementing. Implement this for your business, take up projects for your neighbour’s business, your dad’s or even a freelance project.

Digital Marketing is not about reading books and remembering the history of incidents. It’s about today and about tomorrow.

6. I am a PR Specialist, do you think Digital Marketing is important for me? 

Digital PR is growing and Digital Marketing knowledge is quintessential to your growth. I know of PR specialists who easily get lured by bloggers and their fake popularity. You need to learn digital marketing to know the value and worthiness of a Digital PR campaign in addition to evaluating a blogger before hiring them. You should also understand how SEO can be connected to PR strategy and how content dissemination works on Social Media. There is a lot that traditional PR is not doing today, you can do all the justice to a brand by helping them create stories that can go viral.

7. I have got the Certification, But I haven’t got the Job – So what should I do? 

Well, I am sorry that you haven’t got a job even after getting certifications in Digital Marketing. There could be three reasons:

  • a. You haven’t got great content skills.
  • b. You aren’t a practitioner.
  • c. You aren’t able to prove your knowledge in the interview.

I  suggest you apply for an internship. Work in a startup Digital Marketing agency in your city for 3 months. Let them pay you stipend alone. That’s your learning ground.

8. What should I add to my resume to make it look attractive? 

First of all, a resume has to be unique. So I cannot say what is good for your profile. But, I can say what usually impresses marketers.

  • Your personal blog on Digital Marketing or any subject of your interest.
  • Your active, polished Social Media channels.
  • Recommendations on your LinkedIn profile.
  • The campaigns you have done so far.
  • Budgets you have spent so far as an advertiser.
  • Your creativity in your resume.

9. What are the skills required to become a Digital Marketer? 

I usually come across people asking us to send candidates who have got trained in our digital marketing training programs. I for sure know, if you are smart enough and have got 7 important skills to become a Digital Marketer, you have a bright future in this industry. Watch this video where I talk about skills required to become a Digital Marketer.

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