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AWeber 2017 Review – With Free Email Marketing Guide


Many people come to me asking, Sorav have you used Aweber Free Email Marketing Tools? How is it? And to educate my readers here am starting a new series of blog posts highlighting details and reviews of various tools/products/services I have used and how it can help. Hope you enjoy reading! You can also download a Free Email Marketing Guide from...

ConnectLeads Review – A Facebook Lead Generation Tool


When it comes to generating leads, some of the best practice can help. Like, you can exchange business cards, keep 30-second pitch handy, use LinkedIn/Quora to answer question, respond to blog comments, Twitter and Facebook and finally listen to prospect coming from various ad channels you might be using. But how do you scale up all this? It would...

Zapier Review – Best Webapp Automation tool and Service

web application automation tools

In this digital age and life, we all want to make our life faster, easier yet better. That’s when advanced technology helps us with some great timesaving methods, so that we don’t vacillate following organized schedule. I’m personally make most use of digital technology tools  to accomplish specific task and business structures. In the urge...