How to Target People on Facebook using Job Title and Company

facebook job title targeting

We know that Facebook has removed the Facebook job title targeting option with the companies they are working with.

What if I said that there is a way around this to still target people with those options?

Yes, you heard that right! I have the magic trick.

All you have to do is change your way of targeting! Instead of using the traditional method of executing a campaign using the create advert button in the top right corner of the advert manager, you need to first go to the audience section under the assets library section and create a saved audience. There you will be able to add the job titles and companies manually by typing them in the detailed targeting search box. And once you do that, Facebook will start suggesting you relevant companies and job titles.

P.S. This trick will work only if you have a Business Manager account!



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  • Bharath Kumar N

    Hi Sorav,

    I am able to do it without any issues as I normally do based on job titles. But, I can see the number of job titles we are able to target coming down day by day..!

  • Sundip Kumar

    Hi Sorav,
    As usual your content are not just promotional motivated but information based which is very essential for any blog. Appreciate your insights which can be helpful for both amateurs and pros.
    I’ll share this piece on my personal Facebook page. Keep coming up with more such posts. Appreciate them.
    Sandeep – Team

  • I am also doing this technique to get traffic traffic on my website. Thanks for giving me surety that I am going to right way.

  • Yes truly correct. perfect piece of information. Some people already were feeling handicapped.

  • Sumit

    Good article, additionally Oracle recently announced datalogix connectivity to Facebook. What that means- you can upload your account list ( industry, title ++) into Bluekai and simply target them using Oracle data thru Bluekai