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Digital Marketing Courses in India

I am working on a series of reviews on Digital Marketing course in India. In my comparison study of Digital Marketing Courses in India, I learnt that UpGrad is just a fairly new player in the market. But, they are probably going to make it big in India. There are higher chances of them becoming pioneer in the near future. If you ask me why? Well, read this blog post and you will know.

UpGrad is an online higher education platform providing industry relevant programs – of which, one of the programs is the PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communications. For this certification, UpGrad has a partnership with MICA. They are probably one of the top Business schools of India. Together they have made conventional & digital marketing go hand in hand and work their magic.

What I found pretty unique about Upgrad is that they have their eyes set to train exceptional marketers, helping them interface their conventional skills with the digital world. They are clear that they want to grow the early birds and marketers into digital marketers unlike other programs which aims at anyone and everyone.

Educators At UpGrad and MICA’s Digital Marketing Course:

I have this habit of first getting in touch with teachers and understand how the course works. I have been a follower of Falguni Vasavada Oza on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and at this age she proves to be a great social media marketing patron, which confirms that there are enough practitioners we have on board who understand Social Media in and out. Falguni also hosts Blab events along with Malhar Barai who is yet another popular Digital Marketing practitioner from India.  Here are some of the experts from the  program

Falguni Vasavada-Oza – Associate Professor, Marketing Chair, Online Programs, MICA.

Siddharth Deshmukh– Associate Dean, Industrial Partnerships, Digital Platforms and Strategies, MICA.

Rajneesh Krishna– Associate Dean, Professor and Area Leader, Strategic Marketing, MICA.

Sakhee Dheer– Head- Digital Marketing, Facebook APAC.

Apurva Chamaria- Head- Corporate Marketing, HCL.

Jaideep Prabhu- Professor of Marketing, Cambridge University.

Karan Sarin- Marketing Head, Razorpay.

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Live Projects & Case Studies Driven Approach:

  • Students will run campaigns on Facebook, Search and Display with real money and real environment.
  • Facebook Ads will be given to the students to run and measure the business growth by interpreting the metrics from the page insights.
  • Search Marketing Course will give you a hands-on with setting up a search network campaign & executing Gmail sponsored promotion campaigns.
  • Display Ads will be set up and optimized by the student using Adwords and they also help you understand real-time bidding process.

Tool Labs:

UpGrad believes in and inculcates a step-by-step process to use tools such as Facebook Business Manager, Google Analytics, Google Adwords and 10 such tools. Though the consumption of this content is optional, for people who are new to these tools, these can be handy sessions when you implement in real life.

You can check out the course details here.


  • UpGrad’s certification course comes with live sessions where you can interact with the trainers and also gives you access to doubt clearing forums where you can shoot your queries and get them answered by experts.
  • The course also empowers you by making you into a full time MICA alum and helps you in networking with the MICA alumni which has highly skilled and experienced professionals.
  • They have excellent career guidance and placement services, with earlier batches having had job interviews from industries such as E-commerce, Healthcare, Advertising, and many more.

7 Compelling Reasons to join Upgrad:

  • Upgrad’s strong tie with MICA, which was established over 4 decades ago, is known for its relentless formation of innovative marketing and communication strategies.
  • MICA has served as the production house for a number of world class leaders, some of them being, Kunal Jeswani, CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, Athreyan Sundarajan, VPN Commercial Strategy and Communication APAC, FOX; Swati Rai, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook.
  • Lifetime MICA alumni status which helps in networking with leaders.
  • Instructors, being from Cambridge, Facebook, Razorpay, HCL etc., bring in cutting-edge practices in learning and implementation.
  • Live Lectures and Discussion Forum for doubt clearing and queries.
  • UpGrad provides you career assistance, which comes right after the course. They have tied up with companies like GE, Flipkart, Vodafone, IBM etc.
  • Live Projects and Real Life Case Studies.

Hurdles to take the program:

  1. The pricing of the program is INR 75K, which is slightly on the higher side when compared to its competitors. But considering the additional services and content quality, I believe it is worth the investment for your future.
  2. The iOS app is still in a beta version and so it’s not available to the Apple users currently. But it is expected to come by the time the August batch starts.

A Call Experience:

The executives answered all of our questions very promptly and were happy to give us a call back and enlighten us with some extra information for our better understanding.

  • How will the course be offered and through which platform?

A: Our entire course happens online through 5 months. You can learn on your app as well as your desktop. So there is a lot of flexibility of when and where you can learn and experience.

  • What if I have questions on my mind during the course?

A: Discussion forum is available on the platform where you can interact with peers as well as UpGrad’s teaching associates who will answer your queries on the platform. Apart from this,  you’ll  also have live lectures over the weekend for all your queries with subject matter experts and professors.

  • Can I have access to the content later?

A: You will have access to course content for a duration of 12 months post completion of program. This is applicable to the course content only.

  • Do we have hands on any projects and assignments?

A: Yes, you will be undertaking live projects for Facebook, Search and Google along with real business case studies that will bombard you with real-life business challenges.

  • Will you be allocating any sample budgets for us to practice?

A: Yes we do allocate sample budgets for you to practice, which is part of the Live Project.

  • Will you be helping us in getting Google Adwords Certificate? Facebook Blueprint certificate? If yes, How?

A: We have a specific module in the course on Facebook advertising and if you complete that module, you get an FB certification for business growth. You can check out the certificate in the UpGrad syllabus booklet. For other certifications, we have provided ‘ToolLab’ which gives you a step by step guide on using Adwords, Google Webmaster and many other tools which will enable you to apply for the certifications.

  • How do you distinguish from Digital Vidya and EduPristine and other courses?

UpGrad mainly differs in three facets: Content Quality, Services and Hands-on Expertise. The content quality is very high considering the academic expertise of MICA and the industrial expertise of senior leaders who are teaching in the course. In addition, we have live lectures, discussion forum, career assistance, one-to-one mentorship services which nobody else in the industry offers. And of course, you get hands-on expertise with the help of Live Projects and Tool Labs. So all in all, it makes you a T-shaped marketer rather than a digital marketer working in silos.

  • What are the career services available?

A: We would monitor your strengths and guide you to your career path, which will be done through a one-to-one mentoring sessions. Your score sheets along with your CV will be sent to our partners. In the past, we have had interviews from industry sectors such as Internet / E-commerce, advertising, education, content marketing, healthcare, non-profits/NGOs and more.

  • What are the certifications you offer?

A: o      PG in Digital Marketing and Communication from UpGrad and MICA

     o      Facebook Certification for Business Growth

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