How Amrutanjan Relief Listens to People on Twitter | Social Media Case Study

Amrutanjan Relief (@WuhooRelief) a 2 months old brand on Twitter is now ensuring to provide Relief and homemade remedy solutions to people suffering from Cough, Cold or Sore Throat on Twitter. Keeping it clean, it also recommends its congestion management products to the needy suffering from the same.

The dedicated team behind WuhooRelief actively listens to people suffering from cough and cold, sore throat and recommend them the Relief products / home remedies / gets little personal by asking ‘if they are ok and also checks the status of their described illness in tweets to recommend solutions accordingly’.

In less than 2 months of time Amrutanjan Relief (@WuhooRelief) has made around 700+ tweets got about 350 RTs and about 260 Mentions more than that it has got some great responses from people who were surprised to see a healthcare product brand getting concerned about them. Below mentioned are few print screens of conversations for your reference:

From Listening, Conversing to Fan:

Social media case study, amrutanjan relief
Social media - amrutanjan relief

Amrutanjan Relief ended up conversation saying “Have a Good Day”

amrutanjan relief - social media conversation
amrutanjan relief tweets - social media
amrutanjan relief tweets - social media marketing

Followed by Amrutanjan Relief requested Zakiy to become part of their Facebook family and Zakiy readily accepted the invitation to join.

Request For Trial, Resulting in Purchase of Product:

Social Media Marketing - amrutanjan relief request for trial
Social Media Marketing - amrutanjan relief response back for trial request

Amrutanjan Relief Getting Genuinely Concerned:

Amrutanjan Relief Getting Genuinely Concerned

Carefully Listening, Conversing & Offering Product:

Most cases I have seen bots directly responding back with links or recommendations as soon as you tweet the words listed in their directory. Amrutanjan Relief ensures to take up conversation in most cases before offering a product or takes up conversation after offering a product solution:

Twitter Marketing Case Study - conversation

Listening, Responding, Getting Appreciated & Increasing Followers:

increasing followers - twitter marketing examples

Concerned Conversations, Precautionary Advice:

precautionary advice-social media case study


wuhoo relief- twitter marketing

Twitter Marketing Amrutanjan Relief

Listening to Sufferers and their Responses:

Amrutanjan Relief responses- twitter

Social Media Marketing - conversation

Social Media - wuhoo relief conversation

Listening, Getting Concerned:

Social Media Marketing - amrutanjan conversation

Responses When @Annkur Retweeted Amrutanjan Relief’s (@WuhooRelief) Tweet to Him:

whoo relief- tweet responses

Some More Conversations & Appreciations Are In the Print Screens Below:

whoo relief- more social media conversation

amrutanjan relief- more social media conversation

Social Media Marketing responses-amrutanjan relief

twitter responses-amrutanjan relief

We are glad Amrutanjan Relief (WuhooRelief) is creating relevant engagements on Twitter unlike many other brands that are merely there for the sake of Tweeting/Broadcasting. After all Social Media is all about engagement and brand needs to Listen, Converse! Converse right! Converse relevant!

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