Become a Brand

In this era, digital can be used for mere entertainment or for goal attainment. When you are spending virtually every waking minute on social media, why not leverage it to sync with your ambitions? This book aims to help one learn about how to leverage Social media to achieve tangible and productive goals. The primary objective is to showcase step by step process on how a person with a desire to build his/her personal brand can do so. This book covers personal branding strategies, polishing your profile, defining your niche, becoming an influencer, growing your followers and much more. Each chapter is substantiated with relevant examples, case studies and recommended actives.  #BecomeABrand is a useful handy book for anyone who seeks to develop their brand. Know all about personal branding for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogging and Podcasting. The book travels with you on the journey of your personal brand transformation