Become a Brand

Learn the art of branding on Social Media

Are you spending a lot of time on the internet?

Are you stuck in a journey, where you are not able to figure out who you want to be in the real and virtual world?

You are possibly using Social Media every single day, but unsure how to make the best use of it!

A recent survey I did with 75,000+ Indians revealed that 42% of Indians are digitally addicted.

Of which, almost 75% start and end their day with mobile phones.

Many of them might get anxious when they get notifications on their phones.

Are you digitally addicted too?

So, why don’t you put your addiction to good use?

What can you do? You can:

Inspire the World By Helping Others
Create an Impact by Sharing your Knowledge.
Earn massive opportunities to attract 8Cs in your life.

What's The Concept Of 8C?

Hi I am Sorav Jain, and I walk my talk. What I am going to say now is my true story and something that I achieved over the years!

I started my career when I was 17 years old.

While I was a student at Loyola College, I joined a Digital Marketing Agency. I worked part-time, 100 hours a month to earn Rs. 4,000. I worked as a content writer and an SEO person; I still preserve the first Fast-track watch I purchased from the money earned.

And, that’s when I learnt the art of bringing websites to the top page of Google Search Results.

Thanks to my first boss, I realised the value of content and money!

Post this I went to the UK for my post-graduation in International Marketing Management from the University of Leeds.

I came back to India, joined a digital marketing agency and started taking care of their digital marketing division and worked with some of the top brands in the industry.

And like a typical Marwari dad, my dad pushed me to get into his textiles business and later into plywoods. None of these interested me. It was suffocating that I wasn’t able to pursue my passion.

My elder brother insisted that I pursue my passion by sharing my knowledge with the world through a blog, and that’s when I started

On September 8th, 2009, I wrote my first blog post, and as I write this content piece, I complete 10 years of my Blogging. This has been a life-changing experience.

I started writing on Digital Marketing Agencies, Digital Marketing Training, Digital Marketing Jobs, Digital Marketing Case Studies, Digital Marketing Facts and eventually for all these keywords in India; my blog started ranking on Google’s top search results.

As a result, I earned more than 10 million blog visitors in the last 10 years. Last year alone my blog had about 1 million visitors, of which 70% were organic.

I earned my first Client, Elitad, a personal branding agency from Spain as the founders were avid readers of my blog. They offered me to join their board of advisors, way back in 2011. As it was too early for me to take up that big a role, I decided to take up their project under my agency.

Companies began to approach me to guide and execute their digital marketing strategies through coaching assignments. I also started catering to individuals through workshops where I aid professionals by bringing clarity to their digital endeavours.

As my followers increased, tools began to approach me to review and test out their products. So, I started collaborating with different brands and people to share my thoughts about their products on social media. Brand Consulting opportunities with regards to their digital journey and Personal Branding came knocking as well.

Over time, conferences identified me as one of the prominent digital leaders and hence started inviting me to attend their events for free. I was fortunate enough to be invited by AWAsia, Asia’s most prominent social media conference. So I worked with them to spread the word in Asia and attract more people to participate.

Another result of people responding to my brand and seeing value in me was that I could share and promote the tools I used on my platform. For every tool that people bought through me, I started getting an affiliate commission.

As my efforts took fruit, my influence in the space of digital marketing was recognized by other influencers which made it easier for me to make connections and work with veteran digital marketers like Neil Patel, Rob Peck, etc.

Today it’s not just me, but my 10 years of experience that has armed my brand with the best crew. The brand Sorav Jain, created with years of hard work and digital marketing efforts, now attracts the best talents in the industry and allows me to learn and grow with them.

Today I have worked with 100+ brands, and I empower a team of 50 people and take care of their families.

Why This Book?

In India, the digital marketing industry is growing at a tremendous rate. Many people see this as an excellent opportunity to develop themselves and their business. People sell better than brands and hence, online influencers rule. This is your chance to learn and leverage social media to your advantage. This book provides an in-depth and rare view into the nuances that go on to build a great brand. From defining your niche to formulating an effective strategy to the investment involved (both time and money), #BecomeABrand arms you with the much-needed knowledge to create your brand. The illustrations, examples, case studies all form a compelling and eye-opening read. As the book progresses, you don’t just learn the different aspects of digital marketing but also formulate your own branding strategy.

Topics Covered

1. Why Personal Branding on Social Media?
2. Formulating Your Personal Brand Strategy for Social Media
3. LinkedIn for Personal Branding
4. Twitter for Personal Branding
5. Instagram for Personal Branding
6. Facebook for Personal Branding
7. Blogging for Personal Branding
8. YouTube for Personal Branding
9. Quora for Personal Branding
10. Podcast for Personal Branding
11. Personal Branding Blueprint

Key Highlights

Processes explained through flowcharts
Real life Examples
Relevant Case Studies (Global and Indian):
Comprehensive explanation of all the topics
Tried and tested learnings that worked for me:
Recommended activities after every chapter to help you understand the process
Personal Branding blueprint to help you grow your identity on the internet and treat this as a business opportunity:
Thought provoking quotes:

What will you able to learn?

You will be able to:
Formulate your personal branding strategy
Benchmark the right people in the industry
Comprehend how to approach each platform and leverage it for the best results
Connect and understand well with colourful images and real-time case studies.
You will get to know how much investment goes into each platform
You will be able to become a world-class influencer