30 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Bangladesh

Digital Marketing Agency in Bangladesh

I have been a keen observer of how digital realm has been flourishing in our neighbour countries and Bangladesh has shown some amazing progress over the years. I had previously made a list of the Digital Marketing agencies in Sri Lanka and Pakistan and now it’s time for Bangladesh.

The below given list is made in no particular order.

#1. Optimistic Digital:

They are a complete digital agency that specializes in creative campaigns, website design, mobile app development, and online marketing.

Services: Web Design, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#2. Hootum Bangladesh Limited:

They are a creative agency creating scalable, meaningful and efficient digital content. They are in a quest to bring technology & design together and transform ideas around us in a way that people can understand and experience.

Services: Digital Marketing and Web Development

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#3. Digital Vast:

They have specialists in every field of digital marketing. They are well trained with the new trends.

Services: Digital Marketing and Web Developing

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#4. Geeky Social:

They offer the best digital solutions with a holistic approach for businesses to thrive in the Bangladeshi surroundings.

Services: Social Media Marketing, Digital Products, Creative Services, SEO, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Web Analytics and Digital Media Planning

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#5. MagnitoDigital:

One of the largest digital agency of Bangladesh with a team of more than 70 people. They are famous for their unconventional company culture.

Services: Digital Content Development, Web Analytics and SMM

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#6. Senseforweb:

They are a leading website design & development company in Bangladesh. Their key area of focus is website design and web development solutions.

Services: Web Development, Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing & Google PPC

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#7. Unitrend:

Unitrend is a leading global marketing company providing today’s marketers with best – in – class strategic and creative services that meet their brand-building needs across all communication channels.

Services: Content Marketing and Digital Marketing

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#8. ThirdHand Bangladesh:

At ThirdHand, they merge Art with technology to elevate objects of simple utility to a more valued existence.

Services: Digital Marketing, Web Development and Video Production

Location: Bangladesh

#9. Iskapon Ltd:

They are an internet marketing agency based in Bangladesh providing end to end digital marketing services with regular reporting and analytics.

Services: SMM, Email Marketing, SEO, Web Design and Development

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#10. WebAble Digital:

They believe in delivering game-changing and disruptive ideas for their clients.

Services: Mobile and Social Media Marketing

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#11. Melondes:

For any online advertisement need, you can rely on this house of professionals who know media by its pulse.

Services: Content development and Social Media Management

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#12. Imagineit:

In this era of digitalization, the definition of advertisement has changed a lot. Imagineit is here to promote you individually or your brand with all kinds of media.

Services: Digital Advertising, Web Solution, Social Media Management and Promotion, SEO, Web Banner Advertisement, Email Marketing, SMM, YouTube Marketing and others Marketing Services

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#13. Winbiz Digital:

It is a digital marketing company/agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh that takes pride in creating success stories. Their team is highly specialized in internet marketing and believes in being the best at what they do. With over 6 years of experience in this field, they have served 200+ happy clients till date.

Services: Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, ORM, Google Pay Per Click Advertising, Website Design and Development.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#14. HYPE Dhaka:

They are a new-age digital communication agency offering a range of digital services with the adaptation of cutting-edge web, mobile and social technology.

Services: Digital Content, Social Media Management, Web Product, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Growth Hacking and Digital Advertisement

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#15. Codage Corporation Ltd:

They combine classic brand and account planning with digital strategy, data, and user research to find a brand’s true capability. Then they turn this capability into content, products, services, and campaigns – creating and refining experiences that users love.

Services: Email marketing, Facebook Marketing, Web Designing and Hosting, Digital Marketing and SEO.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#16. Boomerang Digital:

It is a creative marketing agency who devises practical, relevant and effective solutions for you.

Services: Digital Marketing, Content Strategy and Campaign Management

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#17. ad65:

They are a team of enthusiasts who aim at delivering the best and are eager to try out every new trick in the book.

Services: Services: Social Media Management

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#18. I Digital Limited:

They are Digital Agency that develops ideas through extraordinary passion, creativity and discipline.

Services: Digital & Social Media Marking, Web Design & Development Services, SEO Services, and Brand Marketing.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#19. TechChili:

They have gone on adventurous digital journeys which in turn has gifted their clientele with cutting-edge ideas.

Services: Digital Media Marketing & Web Development

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#20. DevsTeam:

They are a digital marketing agency majorly focused on delivering the best strategies for their clientele.

Services: SEO, Web Design, SMM and Web Development

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#21. OVO Technology:

They go by their motto “Technology for smart life” and are mainly focused on web developing services.

Services: Website Development and Digital Marketing

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#22. MetaConnect Limited:

They strategize for each brand in such a style that they connect to their audience in the best way possible.

Services: Web Design, SMM and SEM

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#23. 19 (Nineteen):

They are aware of the new era, which is rightly called the era of engagement, and therefore are focused on understanding the world around to create conversations that matter.

Services: Web Solutions, Digital Marketing

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#24. Vromor Digital:

They dedicate themselves to provide your brand or business with the highest quality in design and marketing to ensure all of your goals are met.

Services: Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, E-commerce Development and Website Development

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#25. Rectangle Communications Ltd:

They are known for their Brand Building, Maintenance, Development & Communication

Services: Digital Marketing and SMM

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#26. SEO School BD:

They are a digital company that is found in NY focused on online training courses like SEO, Freelancing Workshop, Affiliate Marketing, YouTube, Basic Web design, Advanced Web Design.

Services: Content marketing, SEO, SMM and Email Marketing

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#27. ZAMAN IT:

It is a digital marketing company in Bangladesh which provides a holistic approach towards building the brand image online.

Services: Digital Marketing, Email Marketing and SEO

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#28. Reallife Technologies Bangladesh:

Born in Bangladesh in 1999, their goal is to be an outstanding digital marketing partner. The growing team includes a great mix of talent, ambition and experience.

Services: SEO, PPC, SMM, Web Design and Development and Web Analytics

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#29. Purplebot Digital:

They are a team of digital marketing enthusiasts who bring “Business” into “Creativity”. They help brands to create a digital presence that ensures profitability and long-term brand sustainability.

Services: SMM and Content Creation

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

#30. Advance Code:

Advance Code is a web design and development agency that is providing highly scalable web solutions with innovative approaches and advanced methodologies.

Services: Web Design and Development, Graphic Design and Web Hosting

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Have some agencies you would like to be listed? Let me know in the comments section below! 🙂

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