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  • Nice post Sorav. I personally don’t think this (or such) moves by Facebook will kill the Twitter charm. For various reasons:
    1) Twitter is a quick read. I personally go on Twitter many times to just grab quick bytes of information (around the world). Facebook has more been time for connecting with friends and family (and know about brands) and a more leisure activity
    2) Twitter is less visual than FB so viewing it from phone is easy. Loading of timeline with images etc takes time on FB. So when it comes to grabbing more information in short time, Twitter is the platform for me
    3) For many individuals, Twitter is the channel of ‘official/ professional’ communication and Facebook is more for personal communication. So mixing of content will get difficult for them
    4) I also doubt what charm will Facebook hashtags have with the lot of privacy settings in Facebook (unlike just private/ public posts Tweets) 🙂

    And yes, I would be very keen to see how it unfolds. But I really wish these platforms innovate something new and stop this copy cat business 🙂

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