Hilarious Social Media & Digital Marketing Cartoons

Pictures speak lot more than words and a cartoon can just enhance the experience!

Here is a compilation of funny social media and digital marketing cartoons just for you:

1. State of Influencer Marketing in India:

This cartoon explains how in India people who don’t really have a personality have created an identity because of their presence on Social Media and mere social media addiction. On a sarcastic note it also shows how some people only Tweet, Facebook and Blog about brands all the time and call themselves an influencer.

social media cartoon, digital marketing cartoon

2. The Blind Faith Social Media Cartoon:

Changing the profile picture (DP) is the 2015 fantasy of many Indians. The automated feature of coloring the profile picture to support an intiative / change / cause was blindly followed by many without knowing the reason. Some of the moments were:

  • The pride moment (Colors of Rainbow)
  • The Digital India moment (Colors of Indian Flag)
  • The Paris Attack Moment (Colors of France Flag)

social media cartoon, digital marketing cartoon

3. We All Want to Become Digital Marketer:

As a Digital and Social Media Marketing Trainer I have come across people who wants to become digital marketer but aren’t good at creating or don’t believe in adding a creative value but still expect to learn the process. Digital Marketing at some instant is process oriented but at a greater extent it is about content. Content Marketing plays a crucial role and not many understands it.

social media cartoon 2015, digital marketing cartoon, SMM cartoon, SEO Cartoon

4. The Client Expectations:

In a Digital Marketing industry we come across clients who don’t understand Digital medium and commands unrealistic expectations or asks lame questions! This is the most common scenario probably most of the digital marketing agencies face.
SEM Cartoon, SEO Cartoon, Digital Marketing Cartoon

5. An Angry Influencer (Pun intended):

We often see how there is a paradigm shift in the statements! All thanks to the influencer marketing campaigns brands run! Someone has rightly said ‘Money and Gifts Can Appeal Anything’

funny influencer marketing cartoon, influencer marketing cartoon, hilarious cartoon

6. The One Who Earns a Lot:

During the shopping festivals online you probably would have observed series of happy tweets / facebook updates / blog posts from the same person throughout the brand’s special days! 😀

digital marketing, influencer marketing cartoon

7. The Like Addiction:

How marketers aren’t ready to get over the Like Campaigns and what will it lead to, this cartoon depicts that.


8. How App Addicted Are We?

Yes, the apps are making things convenient but aren’t we really becoming lazy? comic8-app-cartoon-digital-mobile-social-media-marketing-funny-cartoon

9. Desi Parents, Desi Sayings:

Currently Indian parents wear a new avatar! They have moved on from their regular sayings – they are digitally inspired 🙂 


10. Life of a Social Media Marketer:

 Life of a Social Media Marketer

Social Media Marketer Cartoon

11. Socializing Party Mistaken:

Socializing Party Mistaken

12. Birthday Invitation These Days

Digital Marketing Cartoon 12

13. Social Media In The Dog Era

Digital Marketing Cartoon 13

14. Problems Of The Digital World

Digital Marketing Cartoon 14

15. Blog is Mightier Than Sword. 

Digital Marketing Cartoon 15

16. In The Era Where Likes Matter More

Digital Marketing Cartoon 16

17. For The Internet Addicts

Digital Marketing Cartoon 17

18. Some Influencers Be Like

Digital Marketing Cartoon 18

19. Social Media Addicts Be Like

digital-marketing-cartoon-19-new- 19

20. Friends in Restaurant Before and Now

Digital Marketing Cartoon 20

21. Pokemon Addiction


22. Pokemon Go Mania


23. Pokemon Activists


24. Keeping Track of Algorithm

25. Diwali Campaign Ideas for Clients

26. Phony SEO Specialists

27. Certifications Cheat Sheet

28. Avoid Investment in Marketing

29. Facebook Marketing Masterclass

30. Social Media Craze!

31. Value of Retweeting

32. Facebook – The King of Social Media

33. Typical Indian Scenario on Google

34. Daily Updates on Your Social Media Page


35. Excessive SM is Injurious to Health:

Social media is now the new smoking. From Facebook, Instagram, YouTube to LinkedIn & Twitter, they have us hooked. An average Indian spends around 3hrs 52mins in a day on social media and can cause stress in time. Let us learn to take a digital detox from time to time. #socialmedia #digitaldetox

Excessive SM is injurious to health

36. SEO Scenes:

What happens when you hire the wrong SEO agency. #JustSaying

seo scenes

37. Certificates Don’t Matter:

Certificates don’t always matter. Real-time practical knowledge does. #FromAFellowMarketer

certificates dont matter

38. Raksha Bandhan:

It’s a Brother-Sister thing! #HappyRakshaBandhan

Raksha Bandhan

39. Unrealistic Indian Client Expectations

Unrealistic Indian Client Expectations

40. Digital Marketing Agency Scenes

Client Payments

41. Google+

News: Google+ will be officially shut down from 2nd April. Here is what we think about it.

Digital Marketing Cartoon

42. Future of Digital Marketing

There are birth and death of Social Media and Digital Marketing agency every single day in India. While many start this with a lot of zeal, they compromise on the quality of deliverables in order to retain the profits. We see so many freelancers, newborn agencies bringing cost as the differentiation and that’s when the industry standards start diluting. As digital penetrates rural India and ads dashboard are so handy, with little education on the subject a lot of people are gonna enter the market offering digital as their prime services and slowly we shall become no less than the Xerox shops on the street side, with our sales representatives moving with placards, screaming ‘ads lelo, sasthe me’

digital marketing cartoon

43. Life of a Digital Marketer

Being a Social Media Marketer, you can always turn off your laptop but never your brain. It requires constant thinking, sometimes even in your dreams.

digital marketing cartoon

44. Farewell Yahoo

We bid farewell to one of the most beloved and iconic pioneers of the online messaging world with a heavy heart! RIP Yahoo Messenger 1998-2018.

digital marketing cartoon

45. SEO

They’re not just SEO experts, they are Search, Engine, Optimization, Experts.

digital marketing cartoon

46. Content Writer

Content is the king. And the kingdom is falling. Preserve & appreciate it.

digital marketing cartoon

47. Twitter Cage

Yes, you are free! As long as you are not connected to the internet.

digital marketing cartoon

Its Your Turn! 

It’s time that you tell me which one is your favourite of all. Also, do you have any hilarious script to share? Do share your script in the comment section below  we will give you the due credits and link to your site if we liked the idea!

Thanks to my design team at echoVME- Digital Marketing Services to get the thoughts rolling in cartoons 😀

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