Infographic: Airtel Vs. TataDocomo on Twitter

Infographics are now an important part of Social Media Marketing strategy for many brands. Many find it difficult to create a infographic as there definitely is a intense research based thought process, creativity involved.

I was just accessing to one of the @Jeffbullas blog post thats when I had come across the Twitter Infographic online software that you can use to create infographic of your twitter profile or can use to compare two profiles in a infographic way. has made infographic creation process easier. You can create a free infographic of your twitter profile or comparison of two profiles by using this free tool on their site. It will just take 30 seconds for the magic to happen.

I have compared Airtel and Tatadocomo’s Twitter profile and their activities are tracked below.

  • The facts clearly indicates @Airtel_Presence is more active than @Tatadocomo
  • @Tatadocomo Retweets a lot of tweet, where as @Airtel_Presence picks up conversations and is interesting enough.
  • Though the infographic shows @Tatadocomo is more social, I would slighlty disagree to the fact as my experience with @Airtel_Presence is more social and interactive than with @Tatadocomo.

Social media case study

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  • From a PR point of view, it looks like tata docomo has greater reach while airtel has less reach but has a stronger customer following base.. this can be seen from number of tweets, re tweets and airtel also has a good follower

  • The parameters on which both the brands have been analysed are great indicators of Social Activeness. Through the analysis, it seem both the brands need to some work in terms of talking to the right audience in the right manner at right time. 

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