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For last three to five years many a times there had been lot of conversations or debates on how well established brands have been concentrating more on inbound marketing over outbound marketing and how the way they are planning % of budgets should be invested in inbound marketing activities. Outbound Marketing is the traditional way of marketing such as activities like Cold Calling, TV Ads, Radio Ads, Print Ads, Direct Mailers, Seminars, Road Shows, Banner Advertising, Exhibitions, Leaflets and Brochures etc.

Outbound Marketing is activities that hope to reach out people and await response. It is certainly a great strategy that is expected to generate 80-95% of leads but on comparison with inbound strategy cost per lead or cost per sales is very expensive. Inbound marketing activity is art of generating demand that have higher quality of conversion and lower cost of acquisition. This art is mainly performed through Internet with a pull marketing strategy that meets the demand of the customers.

A recent survey conducted by the Hubspot (company that offers various free software and training to evaluate your online marketing activity) among 2500 business professional and after evaluating various data in their free tools like Website Grader, Twitter Grader and Facebook Grader, HubSpot confirmed statistics that proved inbound marketing is more effective and important.
Inbound Marketing Effectiveness:

The survey conducted showcased how cost per lead is higher in outbound marketing than the cost per lead in the inbound marketing. As we know how expensive today an advertisement on TV or print media would cost, going about Internet marketing is essential and strategically economical for brands to adopt alongside Outbound Marketing. Social Media and blogs are considered to be the most effective, where professionals are are trying to be ignorant to telemarketing, tradeshows and direct mail on comparing with inbound marketing.



Importance of Inbound Marketing:

HubSpot compared its recent survey report with the last year one and identified how the value of outbound marketing is going down every year with ushering importance towards the inbound counterpart. Email, Social Media, SEO and Blogs have become more important in the last 6 months.

Inbound Marketing Increase in Budget:

There has been 51% increase on the inbound marketing in year 2010 spending when compared to year 2009 with a complete shift downside on the outbound marketing budget. Companies or professionals increasing their budget on inbound marketing in year 2010 are those who have got good past experience with inbound marketing in the post or the ones who would like to go for economical way of marketing.



It is necessary for the brands to establish a inbound marketing team that maneuver the complete demand generation campaign via branding on web and marketing on search engines. Opt for a effective Inbound Marketing Strategy, as you can be the case study than following one.

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