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20 New Things in Digital in January 2019

Digital Marketing Updates

2019 is finally here and we can already see the plans the Digital giants have implemented to make the year count. From Instagram adding new features to their live stories, YouTube enabling the swiping feature to switch videos, Twitter testing their original tweeter tag to Instagram’s feature to post to multiple accounts at once, Facebook...

31 New Things In Digital In September 2018

32 New Things In Digital In September 2018

With the last few Showers marking the end of monsoon and still maintaining the cool air around us let us refresh on all the new things in Digital for September. From Google Ads adding ‘Ad strength’ indicator, Snapchat adding “Boomerang’ videos and calling it Bounce,’ Facebook Watch’ going global, to Twitter bringing in ‘Bookmarks’...

43 New Things in Digital in July 2018


With every passing month the updates keep getting better in both quality in quantity. Keeping up with all of them is quite a task for most of us. We also might miss out on some really cool features that could actually be of much use to us. So, here’s a compilation of all the amazing updates that caught our attention during the month of...