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When it comes to engaging your audience, the sky is your limit for there are simply plenty of different ways you can captivate the audience’s attention. B2B or B2C, here are some of the easy ways to keep your audiences engaged:

Table of Contents

1. Industry news:

Always share news relevant to your industry. People love updates of the latest trends and changes in the industry.

2. About product/services:

You are here to sell your products and services. So do talk about it often. Make sure you do not overdo it though. Keep your messaging informational, talk more about the differential factor than being highly promotional.

3. Media coverage:

If your company has received media attention or coverage, do share it on your page. It enhances your reputation and you shall notice that an excerpt or scanned version of your newspaper coverage gets the necessary mass attention from the audience on social media.

4. Share location:

If you run a local business you need to make people aware of your location often. This also applies to people who are running a temporary sale or offer. Share where you are located in a creative way. This could be an announcement of your new store too!

The Facebook page of Double Roti cafe in Chennai ran creative posts for the launch of their third branch with a mix of content formats like GIF and images!

5. Presence on other social media channels:

Promote all your other social media channels like Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Slideshare etc to drive your FB audience to your other pages as well, thus growing your community on other SM channels too.

6. Links to website:

If it is very difficult to describe your product/service in few lines, you can just give a one line and divert the traffic to your website to read more. This would increase your website traffic too. However, do note – visuals create more impact than links on Facebook. You can consider sharing your links to the website with images. Links to the website best suits for e-publishers and e-commerce initiatives.

7. Links to blog:

Once you have posted a blog link to your pages, describe the article in one line and direct the traffic to your blog by giving the link. This would also result in an increase in traffic to your blog. While some practice posting direct links on Facebook (as the response to the link is directly visible on the Facebook – the Number of Likes Icon on the Blog Post) many prefer posting a blog post link with an image.

8. Events that your brand will be participating in:

This is something that you must update. This will show how active your brand is. Even if you are just a sponsor for any event or if you put up a stall somewhere or if your CEO is a speaker at an event, etc., you can update likewise. Typically any external event happening concerning your company should be updated.

9. Offers/discounts if any:

Offers and discounts are the most loved posts by everyone.  There are many who just wait for offers and discounts. To increase your engagement and reach, this is a highly recommended practice.  It will do your brand a whole lot of good if you run offers – in fact, running offers with specific discount codes for the Facebook crowd will also let you evaluate the ROI of your visibility on Facebook Page.

10. Brand related updates:

People want to know more about your brand. So once in a while, it is good to remind them about your brand. Remember: Don’t overdo it. It might result in people unfollowing you.

11. Brand related videos:

If you have a YouTube channel of yours, and if you have a video that you think can go viral or you think people will enjoy, promote the same on FB. You can also share your commercials here.

12. Sharing of photos/albums:

In today’s era, people click photos just to upload them on FB. Remember, people also love browsing through others photos. So do share as many albums/photos of your products as possible. This is a good way to attract your fans to read your post. Make sure the quality of the pictures used is good.

13. Live updates about an event:

If your CEO or your brand is a part of any event go ahead and live update this. This portrays you as a brand that also shares things that are happening outside of your company too. Do not update each and everything about the event. Just 2 live updates with images will do.

14. Customer testimonials:

No one tells better about you than your customers. Take up a few testimonials and post them in a picture format. This will add credibility to your brand.

15. Video testimonials:

Written testimonial is an old idea? Well then how about a video testimonial? Record a quick testimonial from your customers. Make sure it does not exceed 2 minutes, though. Netizens have very little patience and you get only 2 minutes of their time. That is it! Go ahead and upload it on your page. It is an interesting idea!

16. Work culture:

Post up pictures about appreciative and positive work cultures at your company. This could help you to project your place as a super fun place to work, which could interest people who are looking for a job and at the same time helps make a strong brand recall to your prospects.

17. Tips:

Once or twice a week, you can have the “Tip of the Day” or “Tip of the week” update. This could be any tip related to your brand/product/industry.

18. Remedies/solutions:

People love sharing remedies and solutions to their fellow friends. So if you have a remedy/ solution to get out of a particular situation/problem, share the same. Ensure it must be more relevant to your business or industry.

19. Tag a person:

Share a line or picture and ask your fans to tag one friend of theirs whom they can relate the line/picture to.

20. Informal engagement:

Just a casual weekday wish or a weekend wish breaks the ice between you and your followers.

21. True or false:

Put up a simple fact and ask your fans to vote for true or false!

22. Celebrity birthdays: 

Posts on celebrities and other important personalities birthdays are an excellent crowd engaging tactic. Let your creativity flow with these types of posts!

23. Did you know?: 

It is an interactive way of putting up facts. You will see fans responding to it!

24. Like if you agree:

Put up a fact or an interesting line/quote and ask people to like it if they agree to it.

25. Share to spread the word:

If you feel your update can do something good to your fans, do not hesitate in asking them to share. A call for action always helps people to spread the word.

26. Puzzles:

Making people think while they network is something they enjoy. Add the contest factor and they will actually strive to solve a puzzle/crossword to emerge as a winner and to proudly post their answers for all to see. Great too for engagement on Facebook.

27. Crossword:

Likewise in puzzles. There are a lot of sites that generate crosswords and all you have to do is give the content and specifications like the number of down and across slots. Take a print-screen and post it on your Facebook page. The response is usually great. You can later announce winners and reward them with giveaways or prizes or just do this casually for educational purpose.


28. Jumble words:

Make a list of words relevant to your brand or industry, jumble them and leave for the audience to solve it. The audience enjoys taking part in puzzles.

29. Fill in the blank:

Even if you are a most serious brand and you are tired of not seeing great responses to your engagements, a fill in the blank will break the ice, it will help you get prompt responses!


30. Choose the best:

You might see a lot of collage photos or pictures merged into one and being asked to comment on which of the people/things you like best. There are also status updates like: “Which browser do you like the best, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla or IE?” Which prompts users to respond.

31. Poll:

Another quick prompter engagement tool for businesses. The type of poll can vary from formal ones to informal ones. You can enable users to add options or you can restrict adding.


32. Festive wishes:

As a brand it does you good to wish your followers on every festival of any religion and this is a must. Celebrations posts are also recommended. However, ensure that you wish your audience in the most creative way and well in advance when the festive mood sets in as on the festive day the timeline is usually cluttered with wishes.

33. Weekly posts:

Posts like ‘The weekend is here! What are your plans?’ will bring a smile to your followers face and will automatically share their thoughts with you. Similarly, posts relating to Monday morning blues and gearing up for the weekend are also always good to post.

34. Match the following:

Match the following has a reminiscence effect to it as it transports us back to school days. A simple match the following puzzle can be made it in a picture format and could be uploaded.

35. Milestone achieved:

Brands’ achievements, like the page getting 1 million likes or acquisition or  an important event in your company history can be uploaded and highlighted in Facebook’s timeline. Your followers would like to see these updates because they give a personal touch to the posts and sharing this information with audience is always seen as kind move.

36. Short stories:

If you would like to tell a story about a customer’s experience you can upload a picture and can talk about the story in the caption. A emotional short story is always enjoyed on Facebook.

37. Dialogue completion:

Followers love to always enter contests or compete with others in the page. They like to think and show their creativeness in their favourite brands’ pages. Posts that are given a situation or a photo and leaving the conversation cloud blank generates a lot of engagement and people get creative and hilarious. The posts can also go viral.

38. What’s your view?

People love to be asked for their views and love to engage with your brand online. It makes them feel important. Asking their views might open a dam but is a very worthwhile engagement tool.

39. Who comes to your mind?

Again here people get creative and give hilarious comments or for a serious topic, their views will be genuine. This could be a contest based question also, asking them to guess the first thing that comes to their mind. It could either be a one answer based contest or it could be ‘which of your friends can you think of?’ sorts.

40. Post a pic with your product:

A very useful tool known how far and wide your product has reached and how many among your followers use your product. Asking them to post a picture of them using or with your product will generate a lot of interest among the followers too! Provided you add a incentive to it, though 😉


41. Spot our banner/logo:

This can be like a contest-based question or a simple camouflaged picture with your banner hidden inside a picture. A simple way to engage your audience on a very random day.

42. Recipes:

Posting simple easy to make recipes on a relevant day, in accordance to the weather or a special occasion goes well with the followers. Like a simple buttermilk made at home for a sunny day or an eggless cake for Christmas day celebration. This suits more for brands who are in the Food & beverages industry!

43. Guess the product/person:

A photo of a product or a person can either be distorted or morphed or blurred to ask followers to guess the person in the image. A fun post that everyone will be inclined to comment and give answers to. Provided the product or individual is relevant to your industry.

44. Watch the video & answer the question:

A video based question can also be made instead of a picture fill up or a text fill up. Like a sound clip or a random movie clip asking them to guess the movie or advertisement the segment is taken from.

45. Questions on product history:

Another great way to pull people to generate interest in the product of a brand. Like which year the mascot was designed or which year the brand had a makeover or changed its labels.

46. Simple status:

Simple status updates like ‘have a nice day’ or announcing something or just ask What are you up to?

47. Dedication to your fans:

This always makes followers feel special in a way. It can be a requested dedication from a friend or it can be a dedication to a contest winner or a dedication to all those who have been contributing to your page.

48. Answer in a word:

This is the best and simplest of posts of all time. It is a quick call to action and followers will always be drawn to answering the question. Note that you are asking a question again. The more you ask, the more you receive!

49. Posting your old commercials:

Over time, old commercials are forgotten but always invoke a high sense of nostalgia in fans. Just posting an old commercial will give you a ‘those were the days…I was a kid then’ within minutes in the comments.

50. Interesting questions on your brand:

Engaging followers with questions on your brands like who is your current brand ambassador, which product you like best etc gives you an idea of the crowd you are interacting with, weather they know enough or would like to know more, etc. At the same time the answers might be insightful.

51. Build the story:

Starting off with an interesting story-line and asking followers to get creative is one form of engagement and again a wonderful form of entertainment. You can make a complete picture by the narrations made 😉

52. Knowing fans experience on a given situation:

Enquiring fans’ reactions and comments on a product or a commercial or a current affairs situation (must be relevant to the industry).

53. Giving a situation and knowing the fan’s reaction:

Give a situation and you can ask for the fans’ reactions. Eg: the recent ban on SriLankan players in the IPL matches of Chennai by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. No doubt the fans will all get flared up and come out with numerous responses (Best suited for news industry using social media). Situations given must be relevant to the industry.

54. Shouting your tag line:

Creating excitement by asking your fans to comment or post with your tag line or a particular phrase like a contest or also without contests so that it increases visibility and reach and make people remember your tagline.

55. Feedback on your product:

Both a way of engagement and getting to know the followers’ reactions and opinion on your product. They will all be honest as social media is a medium where the crowd either wholeheartedly supports or criticizes brands, people, etc.

56. What is the connection?

Posting a picture or asking a question with two different aspects having a connection to each other and asking fans to find the connection. It could either be a photo or a status format.


57. Quotes by higher authority of the organization:

Quotes and conversations by your brand’s CEO or manager.

58. Emotional connect:

Like an emotional appeal in advertising that helps you remember and connect with the ad instantly, emotional appeal can also be used in social media. It can be humour or nostalgia or a community idea, etc.

59. Suggestion for new product:

Taking suggestions from fans’ regarding a new product a brand wants to launch or improvements in existing products helps a marketer in knowing his consumer crowd and what they expect from the marketer.


60. Photos of the team/happy employees:

Uploading photos of your employees, your team, etc enhances liveliness of your brand and fans will also appreciate it. It also goes on to show your work environment and will motivate them to join you as an employee. Example: “employee of the week”

61. Job vacancy:

With a growing number of brands and companies recruiting employees online and advertising on vacancies on their social media sites, this is a must. It will generate interest and will also spread word about both your brand and the job. Ensure you post your job announcement in the picture format.

62. Announcing the contest/outcome of the contest:

Announcing the contest and their winners later can be a update in itself (ensure you follow the Facebook guidelines). It excites people to participate.

63. Tips for employees:

Specialized markets and niche markets brands can utilize this pretty well and post tips on everything related to their career.

64. Links to slideshare presentation:

Posting links on Facebook could mean that fans are actually willing to open the link and go through it. A brilliant way to plan this would be to make them come back to your social media channels. However, the presentations gets embedded on Facebook. So, they stay interacted on Facebook.

65. Facts:

Facts are always interesting, fun and engaging. It always attracts an audience!


Another interesting type of engagement, quotes are always welcomed by fans and are pretty knowledgeable. The sharing ability is high in quotes.

67. Crowd-source:

Asking fans to pitch in to ideas or to gather information from them is the best way to engage sometimes. Crowd-sourcing comes here because contributing fans are always often well-wishers for your brand. Running a crowd-sourcing contest is one of the finest engagement idea such as post a pic, design a logo etc. You leverage ideas of people on the expense of theirs for a gift hamper you promise to winner.

68. Links to articles:

Linking to a lot of content rich articles or blog posts will help you leverage community for building traffic to your website or blog. Ensure, when you share a link share it with a excerpt  – compelling people to click.

69. Talk about your USP:

By comparing to another brand or pointing out a fact by driving home a point about your brand’s USP. When done subtly, it makes all the difference.

70. Ask for fan’s preferences:

This will make fans feel important as anything you post might offend many fans. It also gives you an idea of what kind of content fans want and you can post the same. This will show you are community centric and not communication centric organization.

71. Leverage facebook offers:

Facebook offers stands out distantly in the crowd and when claimed by audience it has ability to go viral – literally! Facebook offers when claimed you can reach out to the email box of your audience.

72. Missing letters:

Likewise, missing letters in between words attract comments and the need to solve the puzzle by fans.

73. Case study:

Case studies are like short stories, only they are not fiction. A great way to generate conversations too; a lot may and may not agree with the whole process. Case studies also adds to the credibility. Here, Bosch India provides a problem & solution type post to their audience.

74. Reposting your old posts:

Reposting is a once in a while divulgence that will excite your fans. It’s always nice to see what you did the same day last year, etc. A Comparison would help!

75. Theme based:

Many a times brands follow a particular theme style update. They set a particular tone, which resembles a trend.

76. Share jokes:

If you have industry relevant jokes – Humor has extra space always.

77. Post cartoons:

People love to see a cartoon representation of what you have to say. Cartoons also add a humor element. Create cartoons relevant to your industry and it shall help the virality score.

78. Infographics:

Researched Facts, flow charts, figures when showed in a infographic way attracts people more. Provided the size is 403 x 403 pixels, pertaining to Facebook’s image size requirement.

79. Guess the answer!

Fans love to be tested and challenged! A plethora of creative posts and illustrations that will challenge your audience to give in their replies!

80. Yes or No?

Another excellent engagement tracker!

81. Sharing customer stories/feedback on page

As a brand when you share your customer’s feedback and words of praise directly on your page, it shows transparency and encourages the customer to spread the word!

82. Replace a word with another!

A fun engagement tactic, you will receive an outpouring of comments for this post!

83. Caption this!

A simple yet rewarding post, caption this can both be a post and a as a contest too!

So go ahead, kick-start your Facebook page activities with these awesome mix of posts!

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