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20 Best Free Digital Marketing Courses

free online digital marketing courses with certificates

Today is a brand new day in the world of digital marketing. Gone are the days when companies would spend so much money on marketing campaigns and ads that may or may not reach their target audience. With the advent of social media; companies, startups, professional marketing employees and stay at home parents can become an internet sensation by...

Learn How To Get Google Adwords Certification For Free

Google Adwords

Google Adwords Certification and Google Analytics Certification is one of the important certifications for a digital marketer as it is immensely recognized by expert Digital Marketers also by the companies who are recruiting digital marketing professionals. This certification is a brilliant way to test your knowledge in Google Adwords and let the...

Take Part in Echovme’s Social Media Day Celebrations on 30th June in Chennai!

Social Media Day 2014

You would have been to lectures on social media. Meetings too, maybe? Social gatherings? And needless to say, the discussions with friends and the numerous debate on who’s updates were the best and the worst. (we’ve all been there) But have you ever convened at one place, with like minded individuals to talk about all of these, at the same...